PowerBass Releases New Digital Bass Restoration Processor

ONTARIO, CA (08.18.22) – Every great recording sounds amazing in the studio and live on stage but when it is broken down and mastered for the car or todays bluetooth devices some of the information is lost in translation. With the PB-DBR1 take control of how you FEEL your sound by Digitally Restoring Low Frequency information to your favorite tracks!

The feeling of heart pounding bass or the smooth vibrations of the low frequency passing through while you are in control is the best way to enjoy your listening experience. Ideal for smaller size subwoofers, but works on all sizes of subwoofers and enclosure types.

The PB-DBR1 makes them come alive by allowing the signals frequency range to be expanded based on the range you select. and puts you in control on just how much of that low frequency restoration you want to experience giving you a fuller, live concert feeling right there in your car.

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