NavAtlas Introduces Universal Rear-View Mirror Command Center

BREA, CA (08.10.22) – The NavAtlas NA82M is the world’s first SXS Smart Rear-view Mirror Command Center. The NA82M features a IP66 rated 8.1” 1600 x 480px touchscreen, built-in off-road navigation and Bluetooth Audio Steaming from any smart device or media source. The digitally enhanced audio tuner delivers superior sound quality when connected to any audio system.

“The new NA82M is in stock and we are shipping” Patrick Brooks, National Sales Manager, stated.

Patrick Brooks proudly presents the new NA82M in the NavAtlas Studio at the Brea CA HQ.

The easy to mount NA82M has 3-point mounting holes in the rear of the mirror to directly mount to a
stock CanAm X3 cage rear-view mirror location. The NA82M also comes with a universal cage mounting bracket giving it the freedom to mount to any vehicle regardless of model, make or year.

The new NavAtlas NA82M IP66 8.1 Universal Rear-View Mirror Command Center is shipping.

Additional features include IP66 Rated that protects against dust and water, 8.1” 1600x 480pxl Hi-Res TFT LCD Touch Screen LCD Brightness (800nit), Built-in Off-Road Navigation (United States Loaded), Built-in Bluetooth (Supports A2DP Music Streaming), Audio/Video Playback via USB No FM Tuner, (Stream Stations from Smart Device via Bluetooth), (1080p Video and Hi-def Audio Support), 4V Preamp output (Front/Rear/Sub), Shock Proof 10G Vibration Tested, UV Resistant Conformal Coated PCB, Universal Rocker Switch (To power down the device when the Vehicle is stored for any length of time), Direct Mount to CanAm X3 stock Roll cage Rear-view Mirror location with Universal Cage mount included that will Mount to any Vehicle.

“The new NavAtlas definitely raises the bar for off road performance” Brooks concluded.

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