The 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Spins Out A Winner Every Friday

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (06.23.22) – The 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel rolled for the first time almost 4 years ago. With each spin there is a happy 12volt retailer receiving a prize from a top company in the 12volt industry. Dealers that follow the 12volt News on Instagram or #12voltspin have their store’s slip placed in the jar.

The Spin-To-Win Wheel Winner 183 on June 17th, Maximumts in Manville NJ, will be receiving their prize via FedEx this week. We know they will enjoy the Kenwood Qi Wireless charging mount.

ZierBox won the 12volt News $100 prize on June 10th…Spin-To-Win 182. We reached out by Instagram message several times requesting an address to send the check with no reply. Hope we can reach Todd in the Dallas area to get the check in the mail.

Still waiting to hear back with address info to send this winner’s check for Wheel 182.

We received a nice voicemail from 12voltOutfitters letting us know they received their $100 winners check for Spin-To-Win 179.

The crew from 740 Audio in Athens OH sent an in-shop image of the DS18 components prize for their for Spin-To-Win 178.

Received a nice voicemail ‘Thank You 12volt” from Joshua after he received his winner’s check.

12volt brands on the 12volt-Spin-To-Win Wheel include KICKER, JVC, Alphasonik, DS18, JBL, PowerBass, USA Spec, KENWOOD, AIS, SiriusXM, CRUX and NavAtlas. There are 12volt News spaces on the Wheel and we love sending winners a $100 check in the mail.

The 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel was created to have some fun across the 12volt industry and rolls each Friday morning. That day we contact the winning 12volt retailers, post an image of the winning dealer’s slip along with a video of the spin.

The DS18 Spin-To-Win prize in the shop at 740 Audio in Athens OH.

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