Sanford Sound Connects with Consumers Far from the Town of Sanford, ME

SANFORD, ME (06.21.22) – Since Sanford Sound opened in 1995, with Jack Bogard behind the wheel, the company has proactively worked to connect with consumers by hosting events in the store, in the store’s parking lot and grounds plus at off-site events. Today, Sanford Sound is the established store for audio… in-vehicle, Powersports, marine and motorcycles. Home AV and office applications are also on the menu.

Jack Bogard in the Sanford Sound showroom with branded sunglass on and holding one of the cups that were given out at the concert events.
The Pirate Beach Band on stage as Tonya Pickering (L) with Jack Bogard‘s daughters Alissa and Ashley in front of the stage.

Sanford, ME is a town of just over 22,000. Over the past 25+ years the Sanford Sound has stretched well beyond the towns borders.

Owner Jack Bogard, family and the dedicated Sanford Sound Team, are always working to put the company name in front of the community. In just the last 2 weeks Sanford Sound has organized and presented 2 offsite concerts and a sound-off event on site at the company’s new location that is just 15 over months old.

Attendees enjoyed the Pirate Beach Band’s tribute performance.
Another sign of the first class production by Sanford Sound.

On Saturday night June 11th, The Pirate Beach Band presented a tribute show highlighting Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown hits at The Runway at PCC venue. The Collie Buddz band performed Raggae style at an event a few days later. At each venue Sanford Sound was set up so attendees entered by the company’s booth with tables filled with giveaways including branded cups and sunglasses. Attendance at the first concert was just shy of 400 and topped 250 at the second event.

Branded cups and sunglasses on the table with the Collie Buddz Band performing reggae style on stage in the background.
Set ups happened in the afternoons prior to the evening events.

“The events were awesome as there was so much energy in the air. There was a lot of socializing and getting my brand out there. Think we will sell a big motorcycle system to a fellow who drove 2 1/2 hours down from Augusta for the first event,” Bogard related.

On Saturday June 17th Sanford Sound hosted a dB Drag and NADBL contest on the store grounds with nearly 80 competitors. “The weather was perfect and the high SPL was 167.9. Other than a few noise complaints from neighbors everyone had a great time,” Bogard concluded.

On the Sanford Sound’s grounds this shot shows unique sound off competitors‘ vehicles up front and more in the background.

Great to see Sanford Sound Jammin’ N June.

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