Custom Audio Is on the Road Around Erie, PA

ERIE, PA (06.07.22) – Custom Audio is on the road around Erie in a new van with striking custom graphics. Since 1983 the company has offered HomeAV and car audio products with a full show room for demonstrations and custom installation.

Owner Sondralee Orgenia related, “Putting the new van project in place was a lot of work and a lot of vinyl, but boy it mades a beautiful statement for our business. The van was hard to find and we purchased a 2019 Chevy Express. It came with a stock camera system and we added a remote starter system with Drone so we could track the van on jobs. We also added a little lighting inside and Stinger X sound dampening to quiet the ride.”

Custom Audio does a lot of large custom jobs for businesses including restaurants and meeting facilities in addition to home AV installations. The van is utilized to transport equipment for the installations and tools to complete the job. The Custom Audio van is also a billboard outside those businesses and in residential neighborhoods. Back at the store the van grabs attention parked in front of the store on the high traffic street.

Concluding, Orengia offered, “Business has been strong across the board at Custom Audio. We have an amazing team and the new van is an investment into the future.”

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