Jammin’ N June… It’s Summertime

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (06.06.22) – Jammin’ N June… It’s Summertime and time to ‘Crank It Up’!  Your store’s followers can Get Jammin’ N June with great gear for their rides. Let them know your store has the HiTech in-dash media, powerful amps, speakers and more to get their rides Jammin’ N June. LED vehicle lighting too!

That theme can grab the attention of social media followers and consumers to create store traffic for 12volt retailers. Utilize this Jammin’N June graphic for your social media posts. Screenshot it and use it for free.

Online sales have been on a steady rise for the past several years. The COVID-19 Pandemic, along with stimulus checks, led to a dramatic spike in overall 12volt sales in latter 2020 and 2021. Inventory shortages, plus inflation and gas prices have now stemmed business for many retailers.  Jammin’ N June themed activities by proactive 12volt retailers can drive consumer awareness and traffic into stores… and very importantly drive sales.

It’s imperative that 12volt retailers create a powerful in-store experience for consumers in the showroom. An impressive demonstration in the showroom will bring a smile to the consumer’s face and can raise the hair on their arms… making the cash register ring also.

In-person retail events and Sound-Off are creating excitement again in the marketplace. These facts indicate 12volt enthusiasts and consumers are ready to Crank It Up and get Jammin’ N June.

From the 12volt Central Studios we will continue to showcase positives across the 12volt industry. The 12voltSTP Tool makes that easier than ever. Snap an image with your smartphone. Txt that image to 318-465-0844. PRESTO. Your positive activities could be in The 12volt News.

As an industry ‘Let’s Get Our Shine On.’ Let’s get Jammin’ N June!

Much more to come from the 12volt Central Studios.