DS18 Was Jeepin’ The Coast in Long Beach, MS

LONG BEACH, MS (06.06.22) – During the Jeepin’ The Coast run from June 1st through the 5th DS18 definitely showed all “We Like It Loud”. With the 40’ double stack trailer as a showroom plus multiple tents and Jeep demos Mr DS18 Rob and Yery “Cookie” were busy throughout virtually every minute of the event. A large 18’x18’ 2-sided graphic could be seen across the entire event venue to draw Jeepers to see the latest from DS18.

Mr DS18 Rob Ferro related “This was one amazing event. We saw so many new faces and fantastic Jeep builds featuring DS18 gear. There were definitely over 3000 Jeeps with even more Jeepers in and around Long Beach for the event. Amplified Sounds, our dealer in close by Slidell LA was on site. Kyle Wardwell and his crew sold a ton of DS18 amps, subs, speakers and tower speakers.”

The huge 18’x18’ 2-sided graphic grabbed attention from across the event venue.
Attendees check out one of the multiple DS18 Jeep demos.

Long Beach is a own of less than 20,000 along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. During the event the town was packed with Jeepers having a great time and Jeeps packed the streets and main drag in downtown. Vendor Village was located adjacent to downtown and very close to the beach.

“The Vendor Village wrapped Saturday afternoon and all got prepared for the parade downtown. That parade was like Mardi Gras but for Jeepers and Jeeps. As an event sponsor DS18 lit up the ‘Shake the Street’ Parade. Again showing all at DS18 “We Like It Loud” Ferro stated.

Each day of the event attendance was strong.
Jeepers and their rides packed the Long Beach, MS area.

During the ‘Shake the Street’ Parade DS18 sponsored 4 events. There were 30 Jeeps in the contest with winners receiving prizes for Best Sound, Best Install, Best Self-Made and Best Overall.

“The Jeepin’ The Coast was definitely a terrific event and we feel DS18 owns in market in Mississippi” Ferro concluded.

Jeeps filled the streets in downtown, too.
Mr DS18 Rob Ferro pictured at the Florida Welcome Center in Pensacola during the Sunday journey back to DS18 HQ in Miami. Yery “Cookie” behind the camera. Their DS18 rigs with trailers in the background.

Rob Ferro and Yery Sanz rolled from DS18 HQ in Miami early in the week for the 800+ miles to Long Beach MS. Ferro pulled a trailer with multiple Jeep demo vehicles on board. Sanz pulled the 40’ double stack showroom trailer. The duo headed back to Miami Sunday morning. No doubt the reward points for the fuel was substantial for the round trip to the Jeepin’ The Coast event in Long Beach, MS.

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