SoundShield Welcomes Rob Kowatch As Sales Manager

ANCHORAGE, AK (05.25.22) — SoundShield has announced that Robert Kowatch is joining the company as Sales Manager. Kowatch will be responsible for enhancing frequency of the company’s outreach to retailers as well as conduct sales training efforts to convey the merits of SoundShield products on the sales floor.

John Schwartz, CEO of SoundShield and Perfectionist Auto Sound said “Rob is currently our Sales Manager at Perfectionist. He and I discussed his interest in growing his career path so we both felt taking on the Sales Manager role at SoundShield was a great fit.” Kowatch will continue his duties at Perfectionist as the SoundShield sales training efforts and dealer outreach gets underway. These efforts will be over the phone, via Zoom, in-person store visits and, of course, trade shows such as the upcoming SEMA Show in November 2022.

Kowatch comes to the role with deep experience in sales, having started in the 12 Volt industry in 1998. He participated in various sales training platforms within that time and arrived at Perfectionist Auto Sound in 2015. What Kowatch said really got him dialed in with focus and intent for his process was his attending the Grant Cardone University for Sales Training courses. “It moved me off of being naturally a good sales person to actively building a client pipeline so that I was top-of-mind whenever people thought about audio, remote starter or other vehicle upgrades.” He has specific processes in place on presenting and selling noise control and sound deadening that will be the basis on which he builds SoundShield’s sales training efforts for their existing retail partners, as well as pursuing outreach strategies to new dealers.

To his credit, Kowatch’s hard work in the front end of a successful retail store garnered him top honors at the Mobile Electronics Awards earlier this year in Las Vegas, Nevada by winning Sales Pro of the Year. “Winning that award was an incredible honor” said Kowatch. He has since appeared on multiple industry podcasts and will be featured in an upcoming issue of Mobile Electronics Magazine. “This and all of his other ascents in the sales professional calling makes him an ideal fit for SoundShield’s Sales Manager” added SoundShield CEO Schwartz.

Rob Kowatch can be reached at 907-563-8112 or

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