Alpine F#1 Status Listening Event at the Steele Shop Amazed All Invited

CARROLLTON, TX (05.19.22) – On May 5th and 6th, Thursday and Friday, Mark Sartain-Alpine Brand Representative and Dan Greenwood-Alpine Brand Specialist held a 2-day F#1 Status Listening Event at The Steele Shop in Carrollton, TX. Owner Joe Mills is a mobile electronics advocate of many years in the area. The listening events were by invitation only with 8-12 people invited to the high end custom shop in the Garage of Texas complex.

The Tesla positioned in the Steele Shop showroom.
Invited guests wait their turn to experience the Alpine F#1 Status Tesla listening experience.

“The Tesla presented itself well and sounds out of this world. This is the highest resolution car audio system ever manufactured and stands leaps and bounds above others,” Sartain related.

“Turnout was as expected and it was fun to hear the responses as the invited guests exited the vehicle. Most responded with ‘Unbelievable’ or ‘Absolutely Amazing. When you saw the look on their faces their responses were anticipated. The F#1 is $35,000 retail cost and each piece is hand built. Typical labor is around $15,000 for a custom build-out and installation,” Sartain added.

The garage entry area of the Garage of Texas complex set for the Alpine F#1 Status experience.
Owners can put a roof over their hood at the Garage of Texas complex.

In addition to the Thursday and Friday sessions, on Saturday May 7th, Dan Greenwood attended a monthly car show event at the same location in the Garage of Texas complex. This is a once a month car event that is hosted by the strip center and its tenants. Both members of the local Porsche club and the Ferrari club were in attendance. This resulted in an additional 9 more demonstrations.

A Steele Shop representative offered that the Porsche and Ferrari clubs members, and others attending the Saturday event, were wide eyed after listening to the Alpine F#1 Status system in the Tesla. The event prompted several phones calls in the following days.

Following the Dallas event the Tesla headed to the Chicago area for several planned events orchestrated by Alpine Rep Firm Echo Sales.

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Mark Sartain supplied the content for this article.