Jeep Beach 2022 Invaded Daytona Beach

SHREVEPORT, LA (05.02.22) – Jeep Beach 2022 was definitely heaven on earth for Jeepers. From the sands of Daytona Beach to the Daytona International Motor Speedway, and surrounding areas, Jeepers ruled.

Jeep Beach wrapped with a beach cruise on Sunday morning, May 1st.

Jeeps lined the sands of Daytona Beach plus there were literally thousands of Jeeps on the infield of the Daytona International Motor Speedway. Hundreds of vendor booths, many with Jeep demos and showing Jeep specific products, grabbed the attention of the massive crowd of Jeepers. Also on the infield an obstacle course track, designed for Jeepers, provided a space for all to show their skills behind the wheel of their Jeep. Hundreds of truckloads of dirt, plus other discarded concrete obstacles, formed mounds for Jeepers to navigate and earn their Jeep Beach ‘Certification’.

Crowds like this packed Jeep Beach throughout the week.
Jeepers tested their skills on the obstacle course at the Daytona International Speedway.

On Wednesday night the Jeep Beats event, hosted by SoundCrafters in Daytona Beach, combined Sound and Light Competitions with IASCA’s Travis Chin in at the meter. In addition, the Show and Shine event, hosted by Destination 4×4 lit up the night.

12volt brands DS18, Alpine, Stinger Off Road, Oracle Lights and more showed Jeep specific offerings. Daytona Beach retailer SoundCrafters, with Paul Papadeas and crew, had a large booth. Alpine, with retailer Roco 4×4, had a major presence and showed several new Jeep specific products.

Jeep Beach events continued into the evenings.
The DS18 booth stretched over 100 feet and featured over a dozen Jeep demos plus showroom trailer.

DS18 had a mega presence at Jeep Beach where they showed and let all hear “We Like It Loud”. Over a dozen decked out Jeep demos drew a full house each day, The DS18 trailer, featuring a live showroom, was also in the expansive booth area. Rob Ferro, Mr DS18, was in the house with the standout Exotica demo with a stunning full wrap. At an evening ceremony he also received the Jeep Beach ‘Jeep Beats’ First Place Vendor Award.

Matin Pineda, M2 Audio and Accessories, was on site adjacent to the DS18 booth. The company showed a new event tent and sent many Jeepers home with DS18 products.

The Wednesday night event was hosted by SoundCrafters.
Oracle Lighting was set up with a huge display of their products

Alpine had a wide selection of vehicle specific products and showed several new Jeep specific models at Jeep Beach. The Alpine trailer provided air conditioned comfort for Jeepers as their installations were completed by Alpine and ROCO 4×4 techs in Speedway NASCAR garage pits. ROCO 4×4 is a proactive 12volt retailer in Doral FL. In the expansive Alpine booth a Jeep JK, Gladiator and JL were available for demos from staff members that included Roy Meyer and Eric Brooks.

Meyer, Alpine Eastern Regional Sales Manager, related “Things were insane. We were up at 5:30 in the morning both days and worked until 10 at night completing installations for Jeepers.”

SoundCrafters was set up with a booth during Vendor days at the Speedway.
Alpine was set up with multiple Jeep demos, new vehicle specific products and completed installs in the NASCAR garage at the Speedway.

Papadeas, with decades of SBN SpringBreak events experience in Daytona Beach, related “At SoundCrafters we were excited to be onsite at Jeep Beach 2022. The Jeepers community continues to grow rapidly and this event put us in front of 1000’s of potential customers. The IASCA Sound Off event brought even more excitement to Jeep Beach 2022.”

Travis Chin, IASCA President offered “The event was huge and exciting with lots of spectators. There was a lot of LED lighting and loud Jeeps. Throughout the night we were very busy most of the evening with judging.”

The 717 Car Audio Jeep journeyed from Pennsylvania as Stephanie showed all to ‘Fight Like A Girl’!
Andy Adkins (R) just joined M.A.G. Sales  and was in the SoundCrafters booth with Paul Papadeas (C) showing a customer a Kenwood amplifier.

Jeep Beach 2022 began with a 5K run on Sunday April 24th and ended with a Jeep Parade on Sunday May 1st. Each day was packed with events for Jeep enthusiasts that included scavenger hunts and boots on the beach.

There will be more showcasing Jeep Beach exhibitors in coming days… stay tuned.