Sound Solutions Puts a Rolling Billboard on the Road

GREENVILLE, MI (04.28.22) – Consumers in Greenville MI will certainly see the new Sound Solutions Tahoe of the street. At sound-off competitions enthusiasts will also know Ron Neumann’s Tahoe is in the lanes. It is loud, loud with over 45,000 watts.

Ron Neumann pictured with the ‘rolling billboard’ Tahoe outside his Sound Solutions store in Greenville MI.

“It took us well over a year but the Sound Solutions Tahoe is ready. We got started, then Covid hit, then we got really busy, but now the Tahoe is ready. People will see us coming. With the SounDigital and Ground Zero competition system they will definitely hear us coming too. Up close they will also see a light show in the back” Neumann related.

Ground Zero 15’s are driven by over 40,000 watts of SounDigital power. Graphics and lighting spotlight the ultra custom Sound Solutions installation.

Continuing “I kind of had an idea for the wrap design in mind and took the concept to One Eighty Designs. We back and forth a bit and set on the final design. They completed the wrap and it looks great. It was super working with Jason Billups to get the gear together and we are looking to have a great year.”

Jason Billups, JB Associates, worked with Sound Solutions on build. “I was at their store last week and that vehicle is super, super loud. It has 40,000 SounDigital watts going to the Ground Zero 15’s alone. Another 6000 watts going to the mids and highs. When it cranked outside the store the large plate glass windows were flexing a couple inches. We have worked together for a number of year and it’s terrific to see Ron’s commitment to drive business.”

The Annual Sound Solutions 4.0 event is set for Saturday, April 30th.

The Sound Solutions Tahoe will roll out for the Michigan Season Opening competition on April 30th. This is the Annual Sound Solutions 4.0 Sound Off event with ISPLL, dB Drag and MECA formats. Pre-registration for the event has been strong. Competitors and their rides will pack the parking lot of the Dodge dealership across the street from the Sound Solutions store.

Watch for more from the Sound Solutions Tahoe.

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