Best of 2021 Awards Announced by Race Sport Lighting

RINGWOOD, IL (04.08.22) – Every year Race Sport Lighting recognizes the distributors, dealers, and sales reps that make a difference in the industry and perform at the highest level to service their customer with their products. This year is no exception, as 6 key partners are announced in the industry. Here are the Best of 2021:

Dealer of the Year = Auto Tint City Outfitters

WD Distributor of the Year = Sound Distributions

Tint World Franchise of the Year = Tint World #12

M.E.S.A. member of the Year = Horizon Audio

AAM Member of the Year = Tri-State Enterprises

Manufacturer Rep of the Year = End Result Marketing

“I am so glad to see all these Partners do so well with Race Sport Lighting. Some added displays and sales took off. All of them at least doubled sales from the previous year. All of them embraced the newest products from Race Sport Lighting, including the new Projector Series, and our PNP bulbs,” cmomented Race Sport Lighting Sales Manager Dave Hudson

“I always love presenting these awards every year to our key partners in the industry. These are the partners that not only stick out in their numbers, but their passion for the industry and their dedication to growing the lighting category. They regularly go outside of the box to perform at a higher level than the competition in their geographical areas,” said Race Sport Lighting President Steve Jergensen

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