Vision Zero Automotive Network Welcomes Lucas Lighting

NOVI, MI (04.07.22) – Vision Zero Automotive Network is pleased to announce that Itasca, Ilinois based Lucas Lighting has pledged its support to the network’s mission to eliminate traffic-related fatalities by 2036. Lucas Lighting will partner with VZAN to launch several new marketing and marketing related initiatives. The addition of Lucas Lighting to the cause will add great energy for the safety initiative. The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) has comprehensively tested vehicle headlights and found that only 8% of new cars had “good or better” capabilities.

“Lucas Lighting represents all that is great about our industry… and our country for that matter. A truly remarkable entrepreneurial venture that was founded by Mike Hong based on personal experiences turned success story,” said Bernie Sapienza, Executive Director of the Vision Zero Automotive Network. “I’ve been lucky enough to know a few people personally (Noel Lee comes to mind) that have literally invented a category for our industry and I’m thrilled to have Mike and his team on board. Lighting is clearly an opportunity for our industry and additional training will clearly be a benefit.”

Steve Rogers, Vice President of Sales added, “We are honored and thrilled to be the first stand alone lighting member of the Vision Zero Automotive Network. Improving the visual safety of vehicles has been a top priority of our designs from the beginning. On average, most headlight systems only allow a driver to stop once they have seen an object or danger in the road at speeds up to 45 mph, resulting in vehicle crashes. The IIHS (Insurance Institue for Highway Safety) estimates that 30-35% of these incidents could be avoided with better headlights. Properly designed upgrades will extend driver vision without causing unwanted glare to others. Fortunately, our technology is compatible with millions of vehicles currently in use.”

Sapienze added, “We want to thank Lucas Lighting for joining us on this important cause. Our objective is to educate consumers on the severity of traffic-related accidents and fatalities and then show how we can eliminate them through technology that is readily available for vehicles they already own. Lucas Lighting is a leader in aftermarket lighting and highly regarded by their dealers. We’re thrilled that they are supporting our mission.”

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