End Result Hosted Area 12volt and Home AV Dealers to the 18th End Result Show

COLUMBUS OH (03.28.22) – Consumer Electronics rep firm End Result presented its popular consumer electronics dealer and manufacturer showcase. Marking its 18th event, The End Result Show took place on Friday, March 18 at the Bridgewater Conference Center in Powell, OH—a location that was easily accessible for dealers located in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

The one-day event, designed to motivate and educate retail sales teams, was entitled A Time for Transformation to Revive, Survive, and Thrive. “Delivering that theme was absolutely what we delivered at The End Result Show as we move forward in 2022. With Rusty North on the road and Nicole in the office we had such a strong team to coordinate the event. My wife Lori in the home office too,” stated Ed Dalesandro, Principal of End Result and organizer of the show. 

The End Result Show was a full day from the opening bell until the curtain dropped.

Continuing, Dalesandro stated, “We had a total of nearly 200 industry members on site. Our vendor partners really stepped up with support including key brand staff members, displays, spot on training sessions and engaging presentations on the event floor. Turnout from 12volt and Home AV dealers in the territory was strong and many commented on their positive take aways from the show. Keynote speakers Allison Lopez-CEO and Co-Founder, along with Dr Frank Viggiano, made much needed and well received presentations to help dealers position their companies in their respective markets. Dr Viggoano is a Professor Emeritus, CES Innovations Judge plus radio and TV reporter in Pittsburgh. On the 12volt side Jeff Peters and Ken Ward-Hertz Audison, Nick LoManoco-Memphis Audio, Ignacio Ayala-Race Sport Lighting and Jason Proios-Nakamichi Car Audio were in the house and worked with dealers.”

Ed Dalesandro Result End Principal

Jeff Peters commented, “Spending quality face-to-face time with 12volt retailers was so valuable. They had a chance to have live demos on Hertz and Audison displays. The new Hertz marine display, featuring LED lighting, really grabbed eyeballs on the show floor. The dealers at the End Result Show came with the purpose of learning and growing their business. That is so important in the brick and mortar retail world today.” Peters made these comments to 12volt Central Studios staff.

Ken Ward conducted live acoustic tuning demos outside on Friday. Saturday morning he conducted a session that took a ‘deep dive’ into OEM integration and tuning acoustics session that lasted 4 hours. Saturday rain and cold limited everything to the indoor classroom. 

Nick LoManoco from Memphis Audio offered, “The End Result show was terrific. Dealers came looking for information and we delivered. We answered questions about our new DSP unit and provided demos. The Powersports category is so strong and we had our side by side on site for demos. There were about 30 in the Memphis Audio training session and all were very engaged.”

Jason Proios was in the house with Nakamichi Car Audio and met with dealers about existing products and showed prototypes on the way. In addition he reworked an in-store display for End Result to place in the territory with a Nakamichi dealer. 

Ed Nuttall, Team Nutz in Pittsburg, took a crew plus 2 demo vehicles that took part in the Ken Ward tuning sessions. “The End Result Show really delivered again across the board. Mike Gosnik’s Focus and Tom May’s Mustang on display showed all  at the event top line system installations and sound performance. Staff Ryan Davis, Vanessa Pielin, my wife Nina and I made the 185 mile trip from Pittsburgh and took so much learned back to the store.”

Adam McDermit and A. J. Wiesen, with Custom Audio in Erie PA, made the trip to The End Result Show. McDermit related, “Shows like the End Result Show are meant to inspire and motivate. Whether on not you learn something or not it gets you excited for our industry and relights that spark. It gives us ideas on how to sell and utilize upcoming products in our business.”

Wiesen offered, “I have to be honest, I was star struck meeting Ken Ward! The live tuning gave me insight as to how Ken’s processes work. Now I can take those processes back to our business. I was also happy to see others who do what I do and have that enthusiasm that I have.”

Ignacio Ayala is flanked by Rusty North (L) and Ed Dalesandro as he presented the Race Sport Lighting Rep of the Year 2021 Plaque to End Result on the show floor.

After a full day of activities on the show floor and training sessions concluded all were invited to a special networking social event that included dinner, abundant refreshments, casino night and more that a few toasts to Ed Dalesandro, vendors and all who worked so hard to made the event a tremendous success. Ed’s wife Lori, with her daughter beside, worked virtually non-stop for weeks to help Ed, Rusty and Nicole pull everything together.

After the jam-packed show day everything had to be cleared from the area. Many dealers lent their support to pack and haul boxes and displays out of the Bridgewater Center. Dalesandro thanks all with a special tip of the End Result hat to Marty Mohr of Automania, along with his son Mathew plus Ed Nuttall with his crew from Team Nutz.

Dalesandro concluded, “These are crucial times for brick and mortar independent dealers that are trying to adapt to survive and thrive again. As a rep in the consumer electronics industry, I feel it’s my job to provide dealers with the tools they need to be successful and compete in this moving target of a world. It will take ‘out of the box’ thinking to maintain customer flow and this could be a boom for all of us but it must be carefully orchestrated and well-thought-out.”

Lastly Dalesandro stated, “I feel The End Result Show 2022 delivered. Thank all… especially wife and daughter.”

There was Tom Brady like talk as The End Result 2022 Show wrapped. 2023 will tell.

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