End Result Received The Race Sport Lighting Rep of the Year Award

Race Sport Lighting’s Ignacio Ayala is flanked by End Result’s Ed Dalesandro (R) and Rusty north as he presented the Race Sport Lighting 2021 Rep of the Year Award plaque to the End Result team during the End Result 2022 Show.

COLUMBUS, OH (03.22.22) – During the End Result Show 2022 Ignacio Ayala presented End Result the Race Sport Lighting Rep of the Year Award plaque.

“Ed, Rusty and Nicole received this award because they think outside the box, work to expand the Race Sport Lighting brand in their territory, have outstanding relationships with their dealers plus a passion for the 12volt industry while still hitting the road day to day. We appreciate their partnership and their value in the Ohio Valley territory,” stated Race Sport Lighting’s Ignacio Ayala as he presented the award to Ed Dalesandro and Rusty North on the show floor at the End Result Show on Friday, March 18th.

End Result Principal Ed Dalesandro stated, “The lighting category is a strong growth area across the 12volt industry. Race Sport Lighting has taken a leadership position in the category and addresses the many vehicle applications and products that offer opportunities for 12volt retailers. Lighting is a high profit opportunity for retailers too.”

Race Sport Lighting showed a wide selection of products in an extensive display during the very well attended End Result 2022 Show at the Bridgewater Convention Center in Columbus, OH.

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