The 12Volt STP Tool And The 12volt News Show Are Powerful Vehicles to Deliver Your Company’s Positive Message

SHREVEPORT, LA (03.21.22) – In today’s world, and the 12volt world, it’s hard to find positive news. The 12volt News, and the 12volt Central Studios, work to deliver positive industry news each business day.

The 12volt News Show was created recently for companies across the 12volt industry to showcase their new products to the industry. The 12volt News Show is a vehicle to let industry members know about new products with just a simple image Txt.

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The 12volt STP Tool, which is not an app to download, makes it easier than ever to showcase your company’s positive activities and products. Snap and Txt an image from your smartphone. Presto.. your company’s positive news could be in the news. 318-465-0844 is the number.

The goal is to make six 12voltSTP Tool posts per day. 

With the advent of social media Facebook and Instagram platforms became key vehicles for information and news delivery. The fact remains people need still, and look forward to, receiving news. That is also true for the business realm that includes the 12volt Industry.

Today a vast percentage of people spend hours and hours on their mobile devices each day. Reports are the average person spends 7 hours a day on their smartphone. To deliver fresh industry news to members of the mobile electronics industry the 12volt Central Studios makes multiple posts on Instagram and Facebook each business day. Each business day there is also fresh industry news posted to

The 12volt STP Tool was created in 2020 for members of the 12volt industry to easily send their news to the 12volt Central Studios. Snap and Txt an image to 318-465-0844. Presto, your positive news could be delivered to members of the 12volt industry. On Instagram and Facebook @12voltnews has over 10,000 followers on each platform. Those followers are dedicated members of the 12volt industry.

The 12voltSTP Tool and The 12volt News Show work hand-in-hand. Snap and Txt an image of that new product to 318-465-0844. Presto, industry members could see your new product in The 12volt News Show.

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