More Companies Are Putting Their New Products and Positives Activities in The 12volt News Show

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (01.20.22) – Following the recent CES 2022 and SEMA Show 2021 it was more apparent than ever the need for companies to let the members of the 12volt industry know about their new products. With the current uncertainty in the air the in-person event dilemma continues. In past years, 12volt News has worked with nearly three dozen distributors to bring attention to their Spring Shows. The Spring of 2022 sees very little news about distributor shows.

Also, the process that a company utilizes to showcase their efforts to create interest for their brand and products across the marketplace has been disrupted. Many factory sales staffs have not traveled in nearly 2 years. The travel activity of rep firms has also been curtailed.

All companies across the 12volt industry have positive messages they need to deliver about their products and activities to 12volt retailers… that includes manufacturers, reps and distributors. The 12volt News Show is the vehicle to make that happen.

With just a smartphone companies can be featured in The 12volt News Show. Snap and Txt an image to 318 465 0844. Presto, your company could be showcased in The 12volt News Show. That’s the 12voltSTP Tool in action. Information may also be sent via email to

With The 12volt News Show there is no booth, freight, travel, hotel, miscellaneous expenses or associated hassles. programs, that include visibility in the 12volt Central Studios and the 12voltBeat newsletter, are available to deliver company messages to members of the 12volt industry.

All industries across the business spectrum through the years have benefitted from the in-person experience. For the past 2 years the COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted activities around the world. 12volt industry disruptions have certainly not been immune to the impact of COVID-19.

Many members of the 12volt industry have already seen the value of The 12voltSTP Tool. With a smartphone it is so easy to showcase a company’s positive activities in the 12volt News. Snap and txt an image to 318 465 0844. Presto…your company could be in the 12volt News.

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On a personal note… This writer began attending CES in Chicago in the early 1970’s. As an award winning Sony distributor principal we hosted distributor shows throughout that 4-state territory… even purchasing a Sony Motorhome as a rolling showroom. With dB SpeakerWorks had booths at MERA plus CES in Vegas. All of those in-person events were terrific. Today, those in-person events are not happening with the same impact.

Let’s put your company in The 12volt News Show. Just Snap and Txt an image, with a few words to 318-465-0844. Presto… Your company could be in The 12volt News Show!