Ford Patent Drawings Suggest a Multifunction Tailgate is Coming

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DETROIT, MI (01.18.22) – The push to draw new pickup buyers forces automakers to do some creative things, including the recent push to add functionality to the tailgate.

General Motors and Ram both have tailgates that provide a myriad of functions easing access or improving hauling capability of their full-size pickups. Ford’s been happy to retain its simple tailgate that offers a step with a handle and that’s about it. 

2021 Ford F-150 Tremor

However, according to the, things may be changing.

The automaker’s filed for patents on some designs for a multifunction tailgate and they be showing up sooner rather than later, the web outlet reported.

What’s coming?

The drawings show a tailgate with three vertical sections with the center section featuring a side hinge allowing it to open like a door rather than a truck tailgate, similar to the Ram’s multifunction tailgate. Ford takes it a bit further though as it’s a power tailgate, which likely uses the key fob to control it and perhaps the infotainment section or even an app.

Ford submitted patent drawings for a new multifunction tailgate with three sections

Additionally, the existing step that’s been part of Ford’s tailgate for so long is revised as well. The drawings show a new version of the step that essentially flips down from the rear bumper. This allows for easier access while the tailgate is closed.

However, the drawings also show the existing step and handle are still incorporated into the tailgate itself so owners will have a way to gain better access to the bed regardless of the door is closed or open.

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