The KICKER AMA Pro ArenaCross 2022 Series Rolled Into Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (01.17.22) – The KICKER AMA Pro ArenaCross 6-City Series, with 10 races, rolled into the Amarillo National Center on Saturday, January 15th.

“It was cold and very windy outside but inside the action on the track was red hot as riders and attendees were Livin’ Loud. We had a display area in the lobby area and virtually everyone who entered the 10,000 seat Amarillo National Center had to pass by the KICKER setup. We had a selection of KICKER products for all to see. We were talking to members of the crowd about KICKER throughout the evening. Texas is truck country so the new KICKER L7T under seat drew a lot of attention. Powersports in strong in the area so the KICKER PowerBar grabbed attention too.”

The KICKER AMA Pro ArenaCross track set inside the Amarillo National Center was very well prepared.
Graphics on huge screens highlighted action in the Amarillo National Center.

Continuing, “I talked with one fellow, who had a Soundbar from another brand, and he was so amazed at how much better the KICKER PowerBar sounds than what he has when I cranked it up,” Lorin Morrell-Maddog-Media, who is on site and orchestrates the KICKER AMA Pro ArenaCross Series events, related.

For Saturday night’s event the stands were nearly full with attendees very engaged with action on the track. Amateur riders took to the track during the day and pro riders took the track through the evening from 6 until well after 10PM.

Bobby, from JD Glassworks in Lubbock, made the trip to Amarillo with a lovely friend to check out the event. JD Glassworks is a strong KICKER Dealer. Maddog_Media’s Lorin Morrell is on the left.
This amateur racer caught one of the special KICKER T’s shot into the crowd during a break in the Pro Racer heats. He is pictured with his Bullfrog prize and certificate with Lorin Morrell.

In addition to the action on the track T-shirts are fired into the crowd during Pro race breaks and track maintenance periods. An air cannon fired wrapped KICKER T’s into the crowd. A special T has a certificate wrapped inside for a KICKER BullFrog to be picked up at the KICKER display in the lobby. One of the amateur racers caught the KICKER T with the certificate and went to the booth and picked up his Bullfrog prize.

Crowd members also participated in flag-waving sessions for a chance to win a KICKER BullFrog.

A wide selection of KICKER gear was displayed on tables in the lobby.
Racers were flying high when they circled the track.

Concluding, Morrell added, “Bobby from JD Glassworks in Lubbock, a strong Kicker dealer, came over to the event and it was great to visit with him. The KICKER AMA Pro ArenaCross got off to a great start in Loveland and the Amarillo TX event continued the excitement. The KICKER AMA Pro ArenaCross is Livin’ Loud in 2022.”

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