Alpine Electronics Introduces High-Resolution Jeep Receivers

AUBURN HILLS, MI (01.07.22) - Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. has introduced two new 9” Weather-Resistant Jeep receivers, the i509-WRA-JL for the new 2018-Up Jeep Wrangler and 2020-Up Jeep Gladiator and the i509-WRA-JK for the 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler. The new receivers were designed for plug-and-play installation while featuring High-Resolution Audio Playback, High-Resolution Display, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

“Alpine has a unique relationship with the Jeep customer, and with that relationship in mind, we craft mindful solutions made to enhance the Jeep lifestyle,” said Mike Anderson, Vice President and General Manager, Brand Business Unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. “We believe the new Jeep Receivers will take the Jeep driving experience to the next level.”

Go Beyond Expectation

Since 2015, Alpine has attended countless Jeep -specific events and gathered first-hand customer feedback to craft the perfect solution for the Jeep vehicle. Through intentional upgrades, along with a deep understanding of the customer, our next-generation Jeep dash technology includes High-Resolution specs that will enhance the Jeep driving experience.

The all-new i509-WRA-JL and i509-WRA-JK Weather-Resistant Receivers feature High-Resolution Audio Playback and Jeep -specific tuning to bring out the full potential of music in the Jeep. They also include a WXGA High-Resolution, Anti-Glare Display (1280x720px) for enhanced performance.

Features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and built-in Bluetooth hands-free calling with audio streaming allows access to music, messages, phone calls, and maps on a smartphone via either a wired USB connection or wirelessly. These features are controlled through touch or voice commands with the included external microphone.

An industry-first for aftermarket receivers, the i509-WRA-JL and i509-WRA-JK feature SiriusXM 360L, which combines satellite and streaming content delivery for even more choices in entertainment than before (SXV300 Connect Vehicle Tuner Kit sold separately; SiriusXM subscription required). Built-in HD Radio is also included for additional entertainment options.

Designed for Jeep

By learning the pain points and priorities of the Jeep customer, Alpine has been able to craft solutions that were designed specifically for Jeep. The 9” display is housed in a Jeep -specific trim bezel that emulates the look and feel of the Jeep dash. A Jeep -specific harness is included with the receiver to take out the guesswork during installation and make it a true plug-and-play solution. The displays feature a Jeep -specific opening screen and LED color scheme for a consistent design with factory Jeep settings.

As most Jeep customers enjoy driving with the top off, the display is also weather-resistant (rated IP53 for dust and ingress) for uninterrupted performances in any driving condition.

Upgrading dash technology can often result in a loss of factory functionality such as steering wheel controls and access to engine codes. However, the i509-WRA-JL and i509-WRA-JK are compatible with the iDatalink Maestro Module (sold separately) allowing select factory features like voice-activated media player, Bluetooth technology, and steering wheel controls to be retained and vehicle information displayed on the screen. The iDatalink can also integrate with the Jeep diagnostic port so select vehicle information like tire pressure, battery voltage, door status, engine codes, and user-customizable gauges can be monitored on the display.

Exciting System Expandability Options

Whether commuting or off-roading, avoid obstacles in the road with the included front and rear camera inputs to add a front or rearview camera (sold separately) to the i509-WRA-JK. The rearview camera includes a distance guide display that overlays guidelines onto the screen for ease when moving in reverse. Multiple camera angles can be viewed with the KCX-C2600B Universal Front and Rear Camera Selector (sold separately). The i509-WRA-JL retains the factory rear-view camera for the new 2018-Up Jeep Wrangler and 2020-Up Jeep Gladiator.

Take driving safety even further with the DVR-C320R Premium 1080P Front and Rear Dash Camera with built-in drive assist (sold separately), compatible with the i509-WRA-JL and i509-WRA-JK.

While the i509-WRA-JL and i509-WRA-JK do not have built-in navigation, the new KTX-NS01 Navigation Module (sold separately) provides seamless, on-and-off-road navigation, as an option. This is delivered through the Navigation Module, designed to plug into the receiver via USB connection for a convenient way to access the latest maps on the display.

Integrated tuning features bring out the full potential of music playback with a 5-band graphic EQ or 13-band parametric EQ per channel, for continuous frequency control. The 6-channel time correction capability ensures that music is staged properly in the front and center of the vehicle. If more power is needed, additional amplifiers can be added using the three sets of true 4V preamp outputs with front, rear, and subwoofer control.

While the i509-WRA-JL and i509-WRA-JK are mech-less (no CD/DVD player) an HDMI input and output are included to allow the user to add a DVD player, or even a smartphone to the head unit for an all-digital audio and video connection through a single cable.  

The i509-WRA-JL and i509-WRA-JK will ship in February 2022 at a MAP of $2199.95 and $1999.95 respectively and will be available at Alpine Authorized retailers and at Preferred Online Stores. Installation options can be found on the Alpine-USA website through the store locator. 

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