Memphis Releases Dual 15” MOJO Loaded Enclosures, with 12″ Model Arriving Early 2022

MEMPHIS, TN (12.21.2021) – The Memphis MOJO is one of the most sought-after subwoofers on the market. This impressive subwoofer has been equipped with all the innovative technology that Memphis could muster to create the most impressive, high performance MOJO subwoofer since their inception years ago. Patented Memphis FLEX Selectable Impedance Technology allows you to configure the woofer in either 1Ω or 2Ω, Direct Vent Voice Coil Cooling optimizes the air flow throughout the subwoofer to rapidly cool the voice coils as they are played loud and hard, V-Groove surround provides for increased excursion and more effective surface area for more air movement than any MOJO to date. Combining these features along with a lot of high-level engineering resulted in a subwoofer worthy of the MOJO name.

Memphis released a single 12” loaded enclosure (MOJOE12S1) which is a single 12” side ported enclosure wired at 1Ω and capable of handling 1500w/3000w of power. Memphis has now unveiled a dual 15” loaded enclosure to launch in 2022. This big boy on the block features dual 15” subs and is capable of handling an absurd 3000w/6000w. The new subwoofer pairs wonderfully with Memphis’s new VIV3000.1V2 3000watt amplifier.

All MOJO Loaded enclosures feature a sleek black piano finish front panel and carpet wrapped exterior with orange Memphis MOJO branding giving this box a very custom and high-end appearance. The enclosure itself is designed to the exact T/S parameters of Memphis MOJO subwoofers allowing them to milk every ounce of bass. A single sided port allows the box to be side loaded into any vehicle where room permits.

“After the success of Mini MOJO loaded enclosures, we decided to give a series of full-size enclosures a try. A lot of dealers are pressed for time and many are dealing with labor shortages at their shops. By enhancing our loaded enclosure line, we’ve taken a lot of the burden of box building off their backs. Some projects require a fully custom enclosure which we are huge fans of, but other just need a really good-looking high-performance box capable of delivering the results the customer expects from Memphis subwoofers. These boxes fill that gap and allow the dealer to set the customer up with a product that looks amazing and delivers results without the need for going fully custom. We had great deal of success with dealers when we launched our first round of MOJO and M7 full size enclosures but dealers kept asking for the big guys to make an appearance. They wanted 15’s so Memphis delivered. The dual 15” MOJO loaded enclosure is an absolute beast and I can’t wait to see them loaded into larger vehicles who want the loudest subwoofer box Memphis has to offer,” said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio.

Memphis MOJO 12” enclosures arrive March 2022.

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