Laketown Speed And Sound Traveled to KnowledgeFest Dallas

DRAPER, UT (12.20.2021) – The opportunity to experience new products, attend trainings and network with industry members across the US drew 4 members of the Laketown Speed and Sound Team to travel from Draper UT to KnowledgeFest in Dallas December 10th-12th. Owner John Mueller, Angel Rivera, Craig Russell and Isai Hernandez spent the Friday through Sunday making the most of every minute over the 3 jam packed days.

This lunch at the Hops and Hens was a strategy session for Isai, John and Craig (L to R) with Angel in the foreground.

John Mueller, Laketown Speed and Sound owner, stated, “Three members of our staff and I attended the recent KnowledgeFest in Dallas. I was excited to find other industry professionals like Ken Ward, Carlos Ramirez, Brian Mitchell and Jason Kranitz with whom I could collaborate with on the challenges we currently face across the 12volt industry.”

Isai, Carlos Ramirez-NVS Audio and Angel (L to R) paused in front of the Sony booth for a quick photo on the event floor.

Mueller indicated there was excellent instruction for integration in newer vehicles and ways to improve design processes. “In updating our businesses practices, giving our personnel much needed tools plus instructions, time spent at KnowledgeFest delivered valuable direction,” Mueller added.

This post by Angel shows networking at a HKI Dinner.

During time at the event Laketown Speed and Sound staff members selected training sessions and seminars to attend so they could gain as much knowledge and insight at possible. Angel and Isai were especially interested in checking out the latest products and installations in various demo vehicles on the event floor. The Slingshot and bike in the HKI booth, bike in the Hertz booth, pickup in the Metra booth and seeing the SEMA award winning 9500 in the Sony booth were top takeaways.

These 2 images only begin to show the company’s amazing location in Draper UT.

Dinners and time spent networking with industry members who traveled from across the US was an added benefit for the Laketown Speed and Sound team.

“I am personally very appreciative of the efforts MEA and its instructors invested in the KnowledgeFest Dallas event. I would highly recommend other retailers invest their time and money to attend future KnowledgeFest events. Now that we are back at our store we are excited to implement what we learned in Big D,” Mueller concluded.

The 12volt Central Studios staff has noted very well done and informative posts on social media by Anger Rivera. Those posts showcase a very impressive facility as well as superb custom work featuring top brands the company offers to consumers in their marketplace.

A very large 12volt News hats off to John Mueller for making the commitment to take team members to KnowledgeFest in Dallas and supplying words for this article. Also, a big thank you to Angel Rivera for suppling images and input.

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