Alpine Electronics Now Shipping AlpineF#1Status, The Pinnacle of Car Audio

AUBURN HILLS, MI (12.09.2021) – Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. a leading manufacturer of electronic components and automotive infotainment systems, and its domestic marketing division Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., is now shipping the third generation of AlpineF#1Status.

The Pinnacle of Car Audio

When it comes to experiencing music, nothing compares to a live performance. From incredible details like the breath of the artist between passages to the electrifying energy felt in the beat of every kick drum, live music creates an unparalleled emotional experience in every song. Now, this level of performance can be experienced in a vehicle with AlpineF#1Status System.

AlpineF#1Status is the first complete premium car audio system that can reproduce Hi-Resolution Audio Playback, bringing the experience of a live performance closer than ever before inside the challenging vehicle interior environment, making it the pinnacle of car audio.

High-Resolution Audio Playback

AlpineF#1Status represents the best that car audio technology can offer using the most important medium at the time. The first generation of AlpineF#1Status in 2001 focused on perfecting Compact Disc (CD) reproduction, the highest spec of its time (44.1kHz x 16bit). In 2004, the second generation shifted to DVD Audio™, which exceeded CD in data storage and playback quality. The third and current generation of AlpineF#1Status addresses the future of car audio: High-Resolution Audio (Hi-Res).

AlpineF#1 Status is the first car audio system in the industry to achieve 384kHz/32bit Hi-Res Audio Playback, the highest recording spec possible in a car audio system. This is more than 17 times the amount of digital audio data in a standard CD (44.1kHz x 16bit) and exceeds the standard Hi-Res spec (192kHZ x 24 bit). Hi-Res Audio Playback reproduces the details that are lost in lower-quality, compressed file formats. These details, like the breath of the artist or subtle interactions with the instruments, contribute to a listening experience that was once previously exclusive to a live performance.

As consumer listening habits shift from CD to digital streaming services, Hi-Res Audio Playback is quickly becoming the new benchmark for music reproduction. AlpineF#1Status exceeds the standards for this level of performance. To deliver this experience, each component in the system was designed in perfect synchronization to handle the ultra-Hi-Res audio files.

Unique Hi-Res Audio Source

To achieve 384kHz/32bit Hi-Res Audio Playback, AlpineF#1Status needed a source and a method that could get this level of Hi-Res audio files in the vehicle. Alpine partnered with Astell & Kern to create a custom, portable Digital Audio Player (DAP) for the AlpineF#1Status system. The DAP-7909 can host up to 780 Hi-Res files and is compatible with a variety of audio formats (.Wav, .Flac, AAC, etc.).

The DAP connects directly with the AlpineF#1Status Head Unit via USB. Longtime fans of the Alpine brand will appreciate the six-button “chiclet” design of the AlpineF#1Status HDS-7909 Head Unit Commander. The HDS-7909 controls the media on the DAP-7909 and sends the digital content to the HDP-H900 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) via a custom A2B data bus, which supports the Hi-Res Audio spec. As a bonus, the DAP can also be used as a standalone audio player.

The Workhorse of the System

To reproduce a live performance experience in the challenging vehicle interior environment is no easy feat. From the off-center positioning of the listener to the variety of materials in the cabin and even the internal cabin temperature, the vehicle introduces acoustic challenges that contribute to a lower quality sound experience.

To overcome these challenges, the AlpineF#1Status system features an HDP-H900 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with the industry’s first Master Clock Management System, a high-performance crystal clock housed in an oven-controlled case at the heart of the DSP. Every component in the AlpineF#1Status system references this clock which results in ultra-Hi-Res playback without any jitter (timing errors) in the system, which is common in a system with independent components.

The HDP-H900 runs up to 1GHz/64Bit, comparable to the processing power of a high-end computer’s central processing unit (CPU), to achieve accurate sound tuning for High-Resolution audio playback at 384kHz/32Bit. High-performance sound processing gives the acoustic system tuner the tools to ensure that each speaker’s sound arrives at the listener’s ears at the same time, while also accounting for the vehicle’s unique interior environment, to maintain the integrity of the sound and ensure accurate High-Resolution Playback. The results are perfect synchronization and music that stays faithful to the artist’s original intentions.

Once the files are processed, the signal is sent to the HDA-F900 4-Channel Amplifier via Pro Audio Balanced XLR cables, which allows a full eight volts to be sent with virtually no noise and results in the most accurate sound reproduction possible.

Unified Speaker Material

Hi-Res Audio Playback requires that every speaker component plays within its optimal frequency band. From the tweeter to the subwoofer, the AlpineF#1Status HDZ-9000 4-way speaker system uses the same high-performance cone material, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP).

By using the same cone material throughout the speaker system, rather than using a specific material or structure for each component’s frequency band, the sound maintains the same timbre and characteristic across the entire audible and inaudible frequency range. Each speaker component is designed to cover a wider range of playback spectrum giving the tuner a wider range of adjustability.  The HDZ-9000 speakers also feature proprietary Alpine technologies, that include DDDrive, DDLinear, and Dual Emission, which work together to maximize accuracy and reduce distortion between speakers. 

The HDZ-9000 4-Way Speakers feature an HDZ-9000SW 11” Subwoofer, pairs of HDZ-9000WF 6.5” Midbass Speakers, HDZ-9000MID 2.5” Midrange Speakers, and HDZ-9000TW 1” Tweeters for a true stereo image.

A Complete Audio System

Each component of the AlpineF#1Status system was designed to ensure that the system play at its intended Hi-Res spec. To reach this level of performance, the system’s signal path uses custom connectivity, including XLR cables and A2B, because of their ability to accurately support the Hi-Res spec. This makes the AlpineF#1Status system an all-inclusive, complete system designed in perfect synchronization.

While AlpineF#1Status was designed as a complete system, there is flexibility to add or retain a head unit other than the included HDS-7909. The HDP-H900 DSP includes a traditional RCA input, and up to six channels of high-level input, that can be used to retain the vehicle’s factory head unit or add an aftermarket head unit, which is valuable for the audio enthusiast who relies on smartphone connectivity and features, like Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, or Bluetooth®.

Whether retaining the factory head unit, upgrading to an aftermarket head unit, or using the AlpineF#1Status HDS-7909 Head Unit, the result is still a cohesive system that works in perfect synchronization to reproduce the highest level of performance available in the challenging vehicle interior environment.

AlpineF#1Status is exclusively available as a complete sound system at a M.A.P. of $35,000. An additional HDZ-9000SW 11” Subwoofer is available if more bass is desired at a M.A.P. of $2,600 (sold separately).

AlpineF#1Status is available for purchase at AlpineF#1Status Authorized Retailers. A list of retailers can be found on