New VIV Amplifiers Available and Ready to Ship from Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (12.08.2021) – Memphis Audio is ecstatic to announce the much anticipated VIV750.6V2 and VIV3000.1V2 have landed and are available to ship to dealers across the nation. Chip shortages and pandemic related supply chain issues slowed the arrival of these two fan favorites. Memphis is ecstatic to announce both these amplifiers are now available and ready to ship from the Memphis warehouse to dealers across the nation.

The VIV3000.1V2 amplifier is the highest-powered amplifier ever released in the VIV line. The amplifier produces 3000 watts of clean RMS power and is more than capable of driving a pair of massive MOJO 15” subwoofers off of a single amplifier making it a perfect pairing. “Ever since creating the VIV line of amplifiers, our dealers have been asking us for a high powered DSP amplifier that can elevate their bass to the next level. We listened to their feedback and are very pleased to announce that this new addition to the VIV line has finally arrived and is shipping to dealers across the country,” Said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio.

The VIV750.6V2 is also a new member of the VIV family which features 6 total channels which is the most ever offered in the line. “Many modern vehicles are equipped with more than 4 speaker locations. It was clear to us that we needed a solution for our dealers allowing them to power a multi-speaker system off of a single amplifier. This VIV600.6V2 is a perfect option for any vehicle that has more than 4-speakers. This amplifier is flexible and versatile and will without a doubt be one of our dealer’s favorite offerings in the VIV line moving forward,” said LoMonaco.

VIV amplifiers are available and shipping today, for more information contact your Memphis audio rep or contact Memphis directly at 800-489-2300.

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