Inventory Is Rolling Into Cicada Audio

PHOENIX AZ (11.23.21) Across the marketplace supply issues seem to be everywhere.

There is good news at Cicada Audio in Phoenix AZ. “It’s been a crazy month with containers coming into the warehouse. We definitely have a lot going on over here at Cicada Audio” company Founder Larry Frederick stated.

Frederick with a new shipment that shows less than 1/3 of the inventory in the warehouse. He is dressed in the official Cicada Audio uniform…..Tommy Bahama shirt, shorts and sandals.

Continuing Frederick offered “Working on growing my dealer base, training everyone I talk to (chatty Cathy I am!!) and getting my product out to the bike audio guys who REALLY get what is going on out there. I started Cicada Audio to build REAL “Rider Systems” …not super crazy 4 -10 inch woofers in the bags and 8 more drivers for mid and highs with 6,000 watts on the bike. BUT…REAL rider systems that sound great and easy to install….But these guys want MORE!!!”.

Frederick holds a new CM Series NEO mid-bass driver with 2” voice coil to handle power.

To that end Frederick concluded “So I am working as hard as I can to get the kind of product THEY want, but…. my way. Super reliable, easy install (as easy as 10 inch woofers can be on a bike!!) and repeatable. Bigger, meaner amplifiers and more. If anyone looks at what Cicada Audio has done so far, this has all been done in less than a year!!! Over 40 products are already in production and another 8 to10 are in design or tooling. Lots going on for sure!!! More surprises are coming.”

Steady shipments of pallets arrive at the Cicada Audio warehouse in Phoenix.

This article supplied by Larry Frederick

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