The SEMA Show 2021 Plus Highlighting Five Retailers at SEMA 2021

SHREVEPORT, LA (11.15.2021) – The SEMA Show 2021’s 4-Day run, November 2-5, was certainly unlike others in recent memory. The world, along with the 12volt industry, is approaching 2 years since the COVID 19 Pandemic turned most things upside down.

Current conditions certainly impacted SEMA 2021 as major brands choose not to exhibit. Thus many retailers, without their top brands exhibiting, made the decisions to skid SEMA 2021. Business across the 12volt retail industry has been strong in spite of many companies dealing with staff shortages. Overall product shortages is on the minds of all across the 12volt industry.

The new West Hall offers 1.400,000 sq ft of exhibit space.

Let’s not forget travel nightmares and mask mandates.

With all of the above, SEMA 2021 was reported to be the largest automotive aftermarket trade show in the last 2 years with over 100,000 in attendance. The 12volt portion of the North Hall has been declining over recent years and that decline, affected by conditions noted above, continued in 2021. In addition, the new West Hall opened with 1,400,000 square feet of exhibit space. Obviously, when the size of the dance hall increases and the number of dancers stays close to the same, the floor and aisles will be less crowded.

Team Nutz crew members Ed Nuttall, Mike Grosnick and Ben Bjerke (LtoR) by the Nakamichi North Hall booth they helped set up after flight cancellations from Miami delayed Nakamichi staff.

Let’s highlight 5 12volt retailers who looked at the big long term picture and chose to attend SEMA 2021.

Team Nutz, Pittsburgh PA, was in Vegas for the entire event with staff of 3. Owner Ed Nuttall, Ben Bjerke and Mike Gosnick flew to Vegas on Sunday with a solid plan for the week that included over seeing the presentation of the All Ways Safe Flag Truck project they completed. The vehicle was loaded with Memphis Audio products and was showcased in the Feature Vehicle area at SEMA. Also in their plan was to see other businesses in Vegas and network to the hilt. As it turned out they lended a big hand to setting up the new Nakamichi booth in the North Hall. Many flights were cancelled out of Miami which delayed the arrival of Nakamichi staff members.

ST Mobile Audio at the airport headed Vegas to see their project in the Memphis Audio booth. Shanda and Michael Stewart in the foreground with Hanna and Josh Hover.

Team Nutz also contributed a large number of images and info for coverage from the 12volt Central Studios. A big Thank You to Team Nutz.

ST Mobile Audio traveled from Texarkana TX with owner Mike Stewart and his wife Shanda. Josh Hover and wife Hanna also made the trip. ST Mobile Audio is widely known across several states for creative work in the PowerSports category. To that end ST Mobile Audio completed an amazing 2021 RZR Turbo S Crew that was spotlighted in the Memphis Audio North Hall booth. A Memphis MOJO enclosure was needed to climb into the driver’s seat. Also, a big Thank You to Michael Stewart for sending images and observations from the SEMA floor. The Tesla Tunnel too!

Wayne and Tina Holton in a hall at SEMA ready to check out thousands of new products.

Wayne Holton, with wife Tina, traveled from the Jackson MS area to attend SEMA. “This was my 11th SEMA Show and I could not miss attending. Our Audio Solutions 49 business is very strong and my new ground up build new store is rocking. In addition, our PowerSports store is going strong. That said, I could not miss SEMA 2021.”

Cody Landis-(R) Code Zero Customs  with West Coast Customs founder Ryan Friedlinghaus at SEMA 2021.

Cody Landis, Code Zero Customs in Tulsa OK, related “This was my first SEMA and I am so glad I went. We had 2 vehicles on site displayed by companies that we created. Seeing them on display in Vegas was amazing. In addition I was able to meet Ryan Friedlinghaus the Founder of West Coast Customs. I watched him on TV and he was definitely an important factor of my decision to make a career in the 12volt industry.”

AudioKing from Yakima WA attended SEMA 2021 with their entire crew. Seeing a post of them, all with a big Thumbs Up, in the AudioControl booth with Matt Palumbo was a very nice surprise to see on Instagram.

The AudioKing crew from Yakima WA traveled to Vegas for SEMA 2021. In the AudioControl booth in the North Hall with Matt Palumbo they give a BIG THUMBS UP. Alvaro Gutierrez, Jonathan Birrueta, Abraham Jimenez, David Garcia, owner Israel Zaragoza, Erick Jimenez, Matt Palumbo, Joel Zaragoza and Noe Suarez (LtoR). “Taking the whole crew to SEMA really shows how dedicated AudioKing is to this industry and their craft” Palumbo, AudioControl National Trainer, stated.

Great to see the dedication of the above 5 12volt retailers as well as all others that attended SEMA 2021.

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