Sunday Was Training Day for the Proline Car Stereo and Brooklyn Car Audio Teams

BROOKLYN, NY (10.26.2021) – Staff members of Proline Car Stereo and Brooklyn Car Audio assembled at the Proline Car Stereo Utica Avenue facility on Sunday, October 24th, for a full day of training sessions. Installation tech members attended the morning sessions and sales staff members attended the afternoon sessions. A full lunch buffet, snacks and refreshments were provided. Following the days of trainings a corn hole toss in the parking lot added to the day’s team building activities.

Audience members are pictured during the Matt Gonzalez-Trent Partners presentation that included VOXX brands Viper, AudioControl and Focal.
The VOXX-Viper presentation by Adam Nelson is on the monitor. Matt Gonzalez is pictured in the inset upper right.

Will Sullivan and Shef Sadik spent untold hours setting the agenda for the day and setting plans for the day to come together and achieve the planned objectives.

“At the end of the day we felt we had achieved our objectives” Sullivan related. “Due primarily to the COVID 19 Pandemic it seemed it had been so long since we had a company gathering. New York was initially a hotbed for COVID 19 and our stores were actually shuttered for weeks. Then travel restrictions and mask mandates clouded every move. Zoom calls filled to gap to come degree. Very recently we have begun to long trip back to normal and finally felt we could have an in-person company-wide meeting” Sullivan stated.

The audience members were definitely happy with the Kenwood T’s Morris Hartman distributed at the conclusion of Josh Bowen’s virtual presentation.

The day kicked off with a series of virtual trainings orchestrated by Matt Gonzalez of Trent Partners. Adam Nelson-VOXX Trainer conducted a Viper session to prep all for the remote starter season. Matt Palumbo, Audio Control, followed with a session that covered new and existing products as well as DSP software tips. Gonzales, who was under the weather finished his brands portion of the training by covering the Focal brand.

Big Daddy’s Morris Hartman

Morris Hartman, Big Daddy’s, was in the house with the brands his firm reps with Proline and Brooklyn that include Kenwood, JBL Harman, Jensen and WavTech. Kenwood trainer Josh Bowen conducted a very informative virtual session that was tailored to the product categories that are mainstream in the Metro New York marketplace. Hartman contributed to the Kenwood session and proceeded to handle the JBL Harman, Jensen and WavTech portions. The new Jensen unit with 9” screen received a lot of interest.

At day’s end Proline Car Stereo and Brooklyn Car Audio team members enjoyed corn hole competitions during team-building time.

“The opportunity to spend time working with the Proline Car Stereo and Brooklyn Car Audio teams was terrific. No doubt the large investment that was made on the Sunday training was will pay big rewards. When we handed out the Kenwood T-Shirts a big smile certainly appeared on everyone’s face as they held up the T’s” Hartman offered.

Dave Herrera, with Focus Marketing, conducted a very informative in-person Alpine presentation. The Alpine line has a lot of strength in the marketplace with floating screens that all in the audience took to heart for their time on the sales floor.

“After pretty much a full day inside it was great to get out onto the parking lot and see everyone try to be the corn hole champions.
We feel the day was definitely pretty darn close to a 10” Sullivan concluded.

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