The dBDRA North American Western Conference Finals Wrapped a Strong 2021

SACRAMENTO, CA (10.20.2021) – The 2021 dBDRA North American Western Conference Finals took place October 16-17, 2021, in Sacramento California. The 2-day event was held at Sacramento Raceway in conjunction with Trimp & Adams Drag Races. Several competitors started arriving at the Raceway on Friday night to claim their camping spots. The event was as much of a weekend tailgate party as it was a competition. The hospitality of the West Coast competitors was top notch with many cooking out and socializing throughout the weekend. On Saturday night, Gary Killian prepared BBQ for all competitors and racers on site.

Saturday was the busiest day of the event with 73 entries in the 2022 Season Kick Off and 68 entries in the Western Finals. Competitors were running through the lanes all day and into the evening. While most of the competitors were from California, Nevada and Idaho, there were some that traveled even farther. Team Subsonic Pressure traveled from Mexico and 7 competitors, and their pit crews traversed the country to attend both the East and West Coast Finals. The competitors that attended both events include: Team Mini (Canada), Team FX Jimbo (Canada), Team Directronix Dan (MN), Robert Kollar (FL), Mel Valadez (TX), Moses Martinez (CA) and Gracie Mullen (TN). These competitors are true die-hard dB Draggers!

Elimination rounds took place on Sunday and the event culminated with a 4-way demo style 5-minute Deathmatch. Competitors auditioned to be entered into Deathmatch with a $500 prize sponsored by Limitless Lithium. The Deathmatch event was one of the most exciting ones we have seen in a long time! Two of the competitors were tied most of the 5-minute run, not knowing who was going to win until the very end when one of the competitors subs gave out. Smoke was coming out of the back of the vehicle and everyone was cheering! The ultimate Deathmatch winner was Ray Maestas.

Competitors that attended both EAST and WEST locations and won FIRST in their respective classes are crowned North American Champions and they include:
Robert Kollar – Super Street 1-2
Team Directronix Dan – Super Street NW
Mel Valadez – Street Stock 1K
Team FX Jimbo – Bass Race 159.9
Team Mini – Psychlone No Wall

Team Phat Boyz

Wayne Harris, president of the dBDRA, presented two competitors with dBDRA Ambassadors of the year awards. These competitors have a great attitude, always willing to assist other competitors and are great ambassadors for the dB Drag Racing Association.
Robert Kollar – Eastern dBDRA Ambassador
Moses Martinez – Western dBDRA Ambassador

dB Drag Racing Western Finals Champions
Street Stock 1K – Mel Valadez
Pro Stock 2K – Steve Willis
Pro Stock 5K – Team DC Angelo
Pro Stock Trunk 5K – Team Subsonic Pressure
Pro Stock Wall 5K – Team Send It Dave
Pro Stock NL – Jeff Vue
Super Street 1-2 – Robert Kollar
Super Street 3-4 – Team SSC Joe
Super Street 5+ – Ray Maestas
Super Street NW – Team Directronix Dan
Super Street X – Team SSC Ron
Extreme 5K – Team SSC Jose

Flex Issues Kris (boy) with his dad Kyle and Ray Maestas

Bass Race Western Finals Champions
Bass Race 129.9 dB – Lord of Bass Manny
Bass Race 139.9 dB – Team DC Joe
Bass Race 149.9 dB – Team DC Angelo
Bass Race 159.9 dB – Team FX Jimbo

Psychlone Western Finals Champions
Psychlone No Wall – Team Mini
Psychlone Wall – Team RF Brent
Psychlone Demo No Wall – Team Phat Boyz Jose
Psychlone Demo Wall – Team Phat Boyz

Top Dog Wester Final Champion
Team DC Jenner

Bagger Beatz Western Final Champion
Bike 1-8 – Chris Cagle
Power Wheels – Flex Issues Kris

Team Send It Dave

Western Points Champions
Team DC Lucky – dB Drag, Bass Race, Top Dog
Flex Issues Kyle – Bagger Beatz
Phat Boyz Jose – Psychlone

Deathmatch Winner
Ray Maestas

dBDRA Western Finals Officiating Team: Wayne Harris, Doug Stockton, Jereme Creamer, Jeffrey Fernandez, Ray Choy and Kimo Kealoha.

Gary and Leslie Killian – BBQ Host
Andrew McCain – Event Photos

Competitor Awards:
Best of Show: Team RF Brent
Furthest Traveled: Team FX Jimbo, Team Mini, Moses Martinez
Judges Choice Standout Install: Team DC Josh
Largest Team Participation – Team Send It
Most Top Dog Wins – Team DC Jenner
Loudest of the Weekend (173.0 dB) – Team Directronix Dan
Team and Show Support – Team DC Audio

Thanks to the sponsors that made this event possible:
Car Audio Championship Presenting Sponsor: Deaf Bonce
dB Drag Championship Ring Sponsor: Incriminator Audio
dB Drag Trophy Sponsor: Sundown Audio
Competitor Badge Sponsor: Incriminator Audio
dB Drag West Points Sponsor: B2 Audio
3X Sponsor: DC Audio
Deathmatch Sponsor: Limitless Lithium

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