New Double-Sided Adhesive Transfer Tape from Design Engineering

AVON LAKE, OH (10.20.2021) – Bring your heat and sound barrier projects together with Adhesive Transfer Tape from Design Engineering, Inc.

DEI’s Adhesive Transfer Tape is a very aggressive, pressure-sensitive, double-sided tape designed to bond substrates while maintaining a high-tack level. Use it to attach heat and sound barrier materials without the need for a spray adhesive.

“Adhesive Transfer Tape is a clean option for installing materials without the mess,” says Mike Buca, Product Manager at DEI. “Accurate placement of the adhesive allows for a clean, professional install.”

Available in single (#50205)- or dual-roll packs (#50207), the tape measures 3″ wide and comes in 32-foot lengths. Providing a high-strength, long-term bond, it can be used for scrim reinforcement, as it resists water, condensation, and aging. It is temperature-resistant from -22 to 248 degrees F.

DEI’s Adhesive Transfer Tape creates a quick and reliable seal for use in many other industries requiring the need for bonding, holding, and joining materials together. The tape can be applied to irregular surfaces.

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