Kleinn Air Horns Equip Jeep JT to Be Loud

TUSCON, AZ (07.30.2021) – The JT-OBA Onboard Air system was designed to perform under the most extreme conditions. Each system is 100% Bolt-On and features the heavy-duty Kleinn model 6450RC WATERPROOF air compressor with a 2.8-gallon air tank mounted on a superior custom designed mounting bracket. NO Cutting, NO Drilling or Modifications are necessary. These Direct Fit systems include all the necessary air line, hardware, fittings and wiring kit with 30-amp relay.

The JT-OBA is built rugged with a steel cage and integral skid plate for protection with no loss of ground clearance. The 6450RC compressor is fully submersible so water crossings are no problem.

The JT-OBA is capable of inflating 37” tires with ease. System provides an air source for air lockers, small air tools and of course, your Kleinn Air Horn. Each JT-OBA includes a remote mount tire inflator with locking air chuck with digital gauge, pressure relief and storage bag.

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