North Texas Shootout with USACi and dB Drag Racing

HALTOM CITY, TX (07.13.2021) – The North Texas Shootout took place at the American Legion in Haltom City on Sunday July 11th. USACi and dB Drag Racing competitions, with Boomin’Audio, filled the lanes with competitors.

Local retailer Voodoo Customs hosted the event. Fred Montana, Voodoo Customs owner related, “We had an awesome event with over 75 competitors in with lanes with USACi plus dB Drag Racing and Boomin’ Audio. Our business at Voodoo Customs has been strong and we feel that showcasing enthusiasts at sound-off events will keep business rolling. Chet handled the USACi lanes while Andy and Jeffrey were behind the meter for dB Drag Racing Boomin’ Audio competitors.”

Andy Teuscher assembling Boomin’ Audio trophies on Saturday afternoon.

Boomin’ Audio’s Andy Teuscher traveled in from Utah to work the lanes with Jeffrey Fernandez. “I came in a day early and worked on putting together over 40 Boomin’ Audio trophies for the event. We utilized an area at the Crossfire HQ in Irving that is only about 20 miles from Haltom City where the event took place,” Teuscher related.

The weather on Sunday was warm in the morning as Andy and Jeffrey set up the tent at the American Legion. As they placed the trophies, set up the meter and got the lanes ready for the dB Drag Racing Boomin’ Audio competitors the thermometer quickly rose into the mid 90’s.

On Sunday morning Jeffrey Fernandez (L) and Andy Teuscher had all set up to officiate the Boomin’ Audio Audio dBDrag competition.
Jeffrey and Andy presented first timer Boomin’ decals. Shane Chandler (C) received Boomin’ 160 decal while Simon Fletcher (L) and Donnie Keller (R) received Boomin’ 150 decals in the lanes.

Continuing, Teuscher offered, “We had over 3 dozen through the lanes by the end of the day and several were first time competitors. In addition we had 2 competitors that received Boomin’ 150 decals and one competitor who received a Boomin’ 160 decal.”

“Voodoo Customs is planning more Sound-Off events in the coming months as we continue to created excitement for car audio products,” Montana stated.

“I feel a huge impact was made at the North Texas Shootout and I am excited that Boomin’ Audio is expanding dB Drag Racing into the Texas area with the help of many people who support sound-offs,” Teuscher concluded from his office back in Utah Monday morning, July 12th.

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