Window Tint School Partners with IWFA to Meet Demand for Professionals

WASHINGTON, DC (06.09.2021) – With an ever-growing demand for the professional installation of all types of window film products for architectural and automotive applications, The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is addressing the need for qualified window film installers by partnering with Window Tint School, based in Jacksonville, Florida.

John Parker-IWFA Treasurer, Joshua Blake-Top North Tint owner with Darren Fettik and Jon Dewer-Window Tint School Founders (LtoR) on the floor at the Orange Country Conference Center. Blake is a student/graduate of the Window Tint School in Jacksonville, FL.

As the largest industry association made up of a broad array of window film manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, dealers and individual installers, the IWFA is expanding its educational program by providing Window Tint School with industry-recognized educational materials and accreditation testing to ascertain and recognize the School’s students for their comprehension of various IWFA Educational Accreditation Programs: Solar Control Window Film, Automotive Window Film, Safety and Security Window Film and Advanced Solar Control Window Film.

A Tint Off competition was featured at the International Window Film Association Conference.

Window Tint School was founded by Jon Dewar and Darren Fettik in 2015 and is the first school in the nation dedicated solely to training and educating window film installers. It offers students of all ages and experience, hands-on training taught by high-level installation professionals. The School offers either a three-day or five-day action-packed curriculum where students learn to tackle installation on flat glass, automotive glass, decorative films, plus take field trips to nearby window film businesses and receive sales training.

With the IWFA’s involvement students may be able to graduate from Window Tint School with official IWFA accreditations, recognized the industry-over as the gold standard in window film knowledge. Graduating students will also receive a one-year complimentary membership in the IWFA.

“Many window film dealerships will want to have graduates of Window Tint School on their team, not just for the high-level of training students obtain, but also for the opportunity of ranking higher in the IWFA’s business locator,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the IWFA. “The combination of IWFA membership and accreditation that many of the students graduate with, will be a game changer in the industry,” he added.

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