Mobile Solutions Introduces Oscar, an Innovative Work Surface

TEMPE, AZ, (06.03.2021) – Mobile Solutions announces the release of its newest innovation – OSCAR. This patented, innovative work surface is engineered to be used for cutting, sanding and other fabrication-related tasks while minimizing cleanup and airborne dust. Made from CNC-machined MDF, it’s engineered to fit atop standard 33 gallon garbage cans and is low cost enough to be sacrificial so messy cutting and body work tasks need not ruin laminated or other finished shop work surfaces. It also has precisely positioned holes to create a downdraft vacuum in the open, ducted middle layer and maximize airborne dust collection when paired with the optional cyclone vacuum system or directly with a common shop vac.

“We worked on this design for a long time and optimized it to be a useful part of an efficient fabrication shop, whether a professional shop or in a DIY garage,” stated Mobile Solutions founder and CEO Bryan Schmitt. OSCAR saves space because it fits atop the common shop garbage can, as well as doubling as multiple work surfaces. It can be used for sanding, rough cutting with a jigsaw or any number of other, somewhat messy fabrication tasks.

“Since OSCAR is intended to be sacrificial, you need not feel bad about cuts, paint overspray or other things that would ruin a typical, more permanent work surface. You simply replace OSCAR with another one when it’s time,” added Schmitt. Mobile Solutions will also offer an OSCAR top replacement so that just the top surface can be replaced even more affordably.

How did OSCAR get its name? Schmitt says they’ve used this work surface in a more basic form since the company’s inception and very first training classes in 2004. He came up with the name to ensure his attendees would remember how important it was, so it needed to make an impression. Ultimately OSCAR was chosen because of the Sesame Street character of the same name who, you guessed it, was always in the garbage can. It’s been a staple at Mobile Solutions training sessions ever since. Now it’s just much more engineered in the sense it is thicker (more stable) and has the intricate dust collection capability to make it the ultimate shop garbage can topper. Mobile Solutions was awarded a US patent in 2020 for the design and application of OSCAR.

OSCAR pairs with an optional cyclone vacuum system that is based atop a standard five gallon bucket for dust particle collection and uses suction provided by a standard shop vac. The cyclone reduces 99% of the particles normally pulled into the shop vac and extends its life, as well as making the suction on the OSCAR work surface more efficient. Two vacuum ports on the bottom side of OSCAR are where the standard-sized dust collection hoses connect.

OSCAR Features:
• Measures 31” x 31” x 2.25” (thickness)
• CAD engineered and CNC-machined
• Dust collection that still allows full use of a garbage bin
• Fits standard 33 gallon garbage bins (not included)
• Two – 2.5” vacuum ports for single or double action (dust collection fittings sold separately)
• Made of durable yet sacrificial MDF wood
• Great for pros or hobbyists
• Made in Arizona USA!

OSCAR Work Applications:
• Jigsaw Rough Cutting
• Hand Routing
• Drilling
• Craft Woodworking
• Light Painting
• Fiberglass Work
• Plastic Fabrication
• Bodywork

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