RPM Announces Brent Fujii to Cover Northern California Territory

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA (05.27.2021) – Reliable Product Marketing welcomes Richard “Brent” Fujii to their team. See the full announcement below:

“To say that we are excited to make this announcement doesn’t capture just how giddy we are. Reliable Product Marketing has been looking for an opportunity to expand for some time but needed the right ingredients and timing to make it happen.”

Brent Fujii

Brent Fujii is a 35 year 12 volt veteran who hails from Sacramento and currently resides in Stockton, CA with his wife and two beautiful daughters. He will be covering the I5 and Highway 99 corridor from Porterville to Redding and eventually the Reno/Carson, NV area.

“Please help us welcome Brent Fujii into the Reliable Product Marketing family!”

“He brings to us a diverse set skills that will be quickly recognized by both retailers and manufactures alike. Brent started his career in the install bay and worked his way through the sales floor and ultimately into store management. He has also been an avid IASCA judge and competitor and is well versed in Vehicle Tuning, OEM Integration and DSP Technology.”

If you would like to reach out to Brent:

Visit www.norcalrpm.com for more.