RetroSound Brings Bluetooth to Classics

HENDERSON, NV (05.26.2021) – A recent RetroSound Tech Tips ‘Connecting Bluetooth’ Instagram post caught eyes in the 12volt Central Studios.

The post featured a graphic of a classic radio with a straight forward ‘Connecting Bluetooth’ message.

“Connecting your phone via Bluetooth to a RetroSound radio is simple! Press and hold your Right-Front Knob to access the menu system; rotate the Right-Front Knob to highlight BT Connect and press the knob in to select. From your phone, tap on RETROSOUND under Bluetooth devices, and you’re all set” was the message.

Retro Manufacturing is the leading producer of audio components for the classic vehicle market. RetroSound was born from the lack of high-quality afermarket offerings in the restoration marketplace. The RetroSound radio was purposely designed to fit seamlessly into a classic application and offer modern technology with superior sound quality.

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