The 12Volt Central Studios Works to Deliver Positive Industry News Everyday

SHREVEPORT, LA (05.18.2021) – No doubt we are all living in an increasingly stressful world. COVID Shot or No COVID shot. Mask or No Mask. Polarized National media fueling stress. Shortages in supermarkets with rising prices. Pipeline interruption from cyber attack further driving fuel increases. The price of lumber up nearly 300%. We all know the story in our ’Screen Focused’ World.

The 12volt industry has unique issues driving up the the stress level. Product shortages due to high demand. Product shortages taken to the next level due to chip plant fires and shortages. The cost of shipping product has gone through the roof. Travel or can’t travel. Need installers. Companies need employees but many people are receiving stimulus payments equal or exceeding a normal salary.

The 12volt Central Studios staff works each day to deliver positive industry news. See plus @12voltnews on Instagram and Facebook. Each business day morning, we post News Today which delivers fresh industry news in less than a minute. The 12voltBeat newsletter is emailed early Monday and Thursday mornings to over 5,000 industry members. On Saturdays, we post HiLites from the Week on social media. On Sundays we wish friends having Birthdays in the coming week Happy Birthday.

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The 12voltSTP Tool can be utilized by industry members to send a company’s activities and product information to the 12volt Central Studios. With a smartphone snap and txt an image, with a few words, to 318 465 0844. PRESTO your company could be in the news.

In addition, we make additional posts with companies working to get their ‘Shine On’. Check out the short video presentation above featuring SSV Works at The Rally on the Rocks in Moab UT May 12-15.

As an industry-vendors, reps, distributors and retailers- let’s all work to highlight positives.

Let’s remember the world is about people. ‘Let’s Get Our Shine On!’