JVC Dash Cam Winners Named for Recent Trainings That Included LIVE DEMO

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (05.014.2021) – JVC Mobile Entertainment recently entered the booming dash cam market with the new KV-DR305 dashboard camera.

To roll out this new feature rich and value-priced dash cam, boasting full HD (1920×1080) recording, JVC scheduled  2 web based LIVE DEMO product training sessions. The sessions took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 4th and 5th respectively.

Alex Miranda in the Sound Depot store in Madison AL with a JVC product.
Dusty Liebhaber in the Muntz Audio store in Appleton WI with JVC products in the background.

Dealers attending each session also had a chance to win a KV-DR305…1 dash cam prize per training. Alex Miranda, Sound Depot- Madison, AL, won the dash cam prize for the May 4th training session. Dusty Liebhaber, Muntz Audio-Appleton, WI won the dash cam for the May 5th session.

Marcus Vasconcellos, JVC KEWOOD Mobile Electronics Product Specialist, recently received a sample KV-DR305 and installed it in his Toyota Sequoia. “I put it through its paces forward and backward and it performed flawlessly. That prepared me to be a host on the training sessions” Vasconcellos stated.

Marcus Vanconcellos pictured in his Sequoia with the KV-DK305 used in the JVC  LIVE DEMO Training.

During the sessions hosts led discussions relating to Dash Cam market growth and why it makes sense for 12volt retailers to add the category their product mix. Dealers also learned who the dash cam customer is and the benefits a dash cam will add to their driving experience. The LIVE DEMO of the KV-DR305 dash cam added to the take-away of people attending the sessions.

Seth Halstead-National Training & Content Development Manager, along with Mobile Electronics Product Specialists Josh Bowen and Marcus Vasconcellos participated in the JVC Dash Cam training sessions.

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