Make a Plan to Showcase Your Store

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (05.03.2021) – Owners undoubtedly have a large investment in their stores and businesses. Social media platforms today offer store owners an opportunity to show their stores, products and services to followers and consumers with a minimal outlay of cash. Marketing your store locally should be at the very top of a retailer owner’s business plan.

Chad at KC Trends grabs attention in Kansas City with upgrades on hot vehicles.
Installations Unlimited spotlights categories with posts in North Syracuse, NY.
Sound Connection in Brainerd, MN grabbed interest with the recent PowerSports and motorcycle jobs.

Every day 12volt Central Studios staff see posts from 12volt retailers who make posts that highlight their stores. When these posts are seen on social media they have an impact with the viewer. The viewer’s impact could turn into business that makes the cash register ring. With just a smartphone a store post can be made in a matter of minutes. Snap, add a few words of text, and post.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic the 12volt industry has seen strong sales spurred by stimulus checks, reduced consumer spending in other areas and the ability upgrade rides for not a big cash outlay.

This post from Showtime Audio stresses doing it right to followers in the Chicago area.
559 Car Stereo in Fresno, CA features a happy customer in a great looking show room.
When followers see this in-vehicle lighting from Audio Electronics in Indy they will immediately think “What could my ride could look like!”

As an industry, let’s utilize social media tools to drive brick and mortar business and keep the cash register ringing.

Getting people to know your brand is key.