Design Engineering Introduces Mazda Miata Vibration Damping Kits

AVON LAKE, OH (04.28.2021) – Give your Mazda Miata the quiet interior of a large luxury sedan with new Vibration Damping Kits (# 50600) from Design Engineering, Inc.

Designed to fit 1990-2005 Mazda Miata NA & NB models, the kits reduce noise and vibrations coming from metal surfaces to help interiors stay cool and quiet, with improved acoustics as well.

“We are excited to introduce Vibration Damping Kits for Mazda Miata’s, featuring proven Boom Mat damping material,” says Mike Buca of DEI. “Adding Boom Mat to the metal floors, firewall, rear bulkhead and rear deck greatly reduce rattles, squeaks and vibrations.”

These custom pre-cut kits feature self-adhesive backing with a simple-to-peel release liner for a straightforward, no-mess, easy installation. The pieces are pliable and designed specifically to form to the Miata’s bends and curves, even in tight spaces.

Kits include four 6″x6″ and four 12″x12″ sheets of black Boom Mat damping material, a 2” wide by 20 foot roll of black Boom Mat Vibration Damping & Sealing Tape and an application roller. Couple DEI’s Vibration Damping Kit with DEI’s Mazda Miata Pre-Cut Interior Insulation Kit (# 50295) for winning ultra-level comfort combination.

For more information about Mazda Miata Vibration Damping Kits, Mazda Miata Pre-Cut Interior Insulation Kits and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit