Wet Sounds Integrates SKAA Technology Into New A-Link Plus Wireless Kit

EDMONTON, AB (04.07.2021) – Eleven Engineering, Inc. has announced that its SKAA Wireless Audio technology has been integrated into the new Wet Sounds AL-SR-V2 A-Link Plus wireless sending/receiving kit. The AL-SR-V2 is now available at the SKAA Store with an MSRP of $199.99.

“With a sleek design and vastly improved connectivity and range utilizing SKAA Wireless Audio technology, our new AL-SR-V2 is a must have for sharing audio signals,” said Gabe Sandoval, Program Director of Wet Sounds Product Development. “The new cradle/dock makes for simple mounting, while maximizing wireless range.”

With SKAA and the AL-SR-V2 A-Link Plus, you can now connect up to four units per one sending unit across multiple audio systems.

“With improved range, clarity, and performance thanks to SKAA, you can now share your audio signal up to 500 meters between links,” added Lee Teeples, VP of Wet Sounds Product Development. “We have also integrated a new connection harness including micro USB for charging, with 3.5mm input and output connections.”

Founded in 2005 by a team of highly skilled audio veterans, Wet Sounds is an award-winning, Texas-based marine audio company. Bringing a level of performance, style, and durability unparalleled in the audio industry, Wet Sounds’ marine stereo systems and equipment provide crisp, high-quality audio that’s loud enough to be heard whether you’re fishing a local pond, water skiing on a lake, or tubing on the ocean. Enjoy unparalleled protection from water damage with Wet Sounds’ state-of-the-art equipment.

SKAA is the new wireless HiFi audio standard developed by Eleven Engineering, Inc. SKAA transmitters work with iOS & Android mobile devices, Mac & Windows computers, televisions, and just about any product with a line output or a headphone jack. SKAA is also available as a built-in technology not requiring an external transmitter in purpose-designed partner products, which are featured at SKAA.com. In environments laden with heavy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth traffic, SKAA navigates through these hostile environments with best-in-class reliability. SKAA also allows for uninterrupted audio signals which are delivered with the highest sound quality to all speakers without the latency that is inherent in other wireless solutions.

“SKAA is the ideal wireless technology for Wet Sounds’ new AL-SR-V2 A-Link Plus,” explained Rex Whitehead, Eleven Engineering executive vice president, sales & marketing. “This is probably the best overall SKAA-integrated product on the market today thanks in large part to the combination of Wet Sounds’ and Eleven Engineering’s technologies in one package. Battery operated with great range, we see this being used in applications outside of marine and powersports, such as mobile DJ. We are proud to be a part of such a great product and application.”

With every application covered in the consumer and prosumer world, no other wireless solution comes close to delivering such a high level of coverage as SKAA, especially not WiFi-based audio nor Bluetooth.

“Highly flexible with rock solid reliability, SKAA also has great range and CD-quality sound,” Whitehead continued. “SKAA is ridiculously easy to use… all compatible products are ready to play right out of the box with no pairing required.”

For more information, contact Rex Whitehead at 480-650-3979 or email whitehead@eleveneng.com, and visit www.elevenengineering.com and www.SKAA.com.