Accele Electronics “Makes It Loud & Clear”

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (03.23.2021) –  Accele Electronics has the perfect solution for those noisy vehicle environments where clear communication is critical to job performance and safe operation. The CSA30 is a compact Communications Speaker with a built-in amplifier rated at 30 Watts enabling loud and clear radio communication even under the most challenging conditions. Volume can be easily adjusted with a large gain control conveniently located on top of the speaker.

The amplified speaker’s frequency response is optimized for voice to ensure clear audio when used with Ham Radios, CB Radios, Two Way Radios, Scanners, Navigation Systems etc. The CSA30’s 3.5 mm plug makes it a good solution for Smartphones, Tablets and even Laptops when used in noisy vehicles. Law Enforcement, Construction Vehicles and Ambulances are all potential customers for the CSA30.

The CSA30 includes a 2 foot long power cable and a 2 foot long 3.5 mm mono plug for an easy secure connection. This compact speaker has a swivel bracket for mounting flexibility and is housed in rugged ABS plastic.

“Loud & Clear” is no longer just an expression, it’s a reality.

The CSA30 is available now, MSRP is $59.95, Please contact your Accele Sales Representative. Visit for more.