“We Like It Loud” at ECB Educational K8 Center

WEST PARK, FL (03.22.2021) – Thieves broke into the ECB Educational K8 Center in Broward County on March 17th and made off with flatscreen TVs, electronics and more that the children used daily. Principal Eboni Burts and the students were devastated. The school is a faith-based Christian school and many of the items stolen were used by the students in the class setting each school.

Principal Eboni Burts is excited to receive the big stack of items from Rob Ferro.

Rob Ferro, MR DS18, saw the news story on Local 10 News. “As soon as I saw the segment on the news I wanted to see how at DS18 we could help. I got in touch with Principal Burts and she gave me all the details about the burglary. I knew we had products like the Zumba Loud and other products and things that would help the school. We got together at the office and made plans to make a delivery to the school and relayed that to Principal Burts” Ferro stated.

Rob Ferro being interviewed by the Local 10 News crew with Janine Stanwood.

The school is not far from the DS18 HQ in Miami Gardens, FL.

“When we arrived with a pickup full of items for the school, that included speakers, games and toys, I was surprised to see the crew from Local 10 News at the school. Principal Burts told the station we were delivering items for the school and they wanted to report that on the news” Ferro continued.

Rob Ferro setting up a Zumba Loud speaker, in the class area, that features a smartphone Bluetooth media source and LED lighting that pulses to the music signal.

Once Ferro arrived Principal Burts came out with the students as Ferro unloaded the DS18 Pickup. Janine Stanwood, reporter with Local 10 News crew, filmed everything. The items were then taken into the classroom area where Ferro setup the Zumba loud speakers and showed all how to operate the speakers that include LED lighting.

Principal Eboni Burts happily shows one of the toys to some of the students.

Concluding Ferro offered “It was so great to see the big smiles on everyones the face. Providing these gifts to the school was also very rewarding for all at DS18. The segment aired a couple times on Local 10 News which was very heartwarming to see. The visibility for DS18 of this good samaritan effort was a real bonus for DS18.”

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