Third-Generation 360° OmniVue to Debut During KnowledgeFest Live

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA (03.19.2021) – Driver Safety Technology (DST) will debut the third generation of the 360° OmniVue Surround View Camera Systems during the virtual KnowledgeFest Live show, March 19-21. Two models—one for passenger and commercial vehicles; another for fleet trucks—now provide surround, left and right blind spot, and rear views to the driver. At the virtual show, DST will present an in-depth training on 360° OmniVue, showcasing features, installation procedures and selling strategy.

First introduced in 2015, the 360° OmniVue system has proven its effectiveness with fleet customers reporting a drastic drop in accidents. Four quadrant-mounted cameras feed an advanced processor to create a live, top-down and blind-spot view of a vehicle and its surroundings, allowing the driver to safely avoid obstacles and conduct safe lane changes.

The latest generation of 360° OmniVue features a more powerful DSP which supports additional view modes for the end user. Power consumption has been reduced, resulting in less heat and therefore less stress on the internal components and battery. For technicians, the main module size has been reduced by one-third, enabling more mounting options, and the calibration process has been simplified to a single step via SD card and PC-based software, compared to the multiple calibration steps of the previous generation.

For the end user, the new 360° OmniVue adds nine selectable views allowing the driver to choose specific on-screen views for their driving situation. In addition to the top-down, 360-degree view, users can select between front-half or rear-half views of the vehicle for better maneuvering focus. Also, left and right blind- spot views are triggered by the turn signals.

The 360° OmniVue outputs to a standalone monitor or can show on a factory-installed screen with the use of third-party integration modules. A mobile DVR can be added for full recording capability through a second video output on the module.

“The data we have gathered from our customers shows the undisputed effectiveness of 360° OmniVue over typical, single-angle camera systems,” said Stephen Witt, co-founder and CEO of DST. “Participating companies reported a 50-percent overall drop in accidents as well as an astounding 80-percent reduction in insurance claims. We anticipate that this new generation of product will provide even more robust protection and present a better installation experience for professional technicians.”

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