Accele Electronics “Provides High Definition Security”

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (03.16.2021) – Accele Electronics has announced the latest additions to their growing portfolio of Fleet Vehicle Solutions, the DVR1080P family of “Black Box” DVR’s. The new DVR’s employ H.265, also known as HEVC, High Efficiency Video Code, the latest Video Compression technology.

H.265 is the choice when streaming live video due to its high quality and reduced bandwidth, allowing for reduced storage space. The DVR1080P and its variants have slots for 2 (not included) SD Cards, capable of storing 256 GB each. With the new HEVC compression that translates to almost 1 TB of storage without a Hard Drive.

This is important because mechanical Hard Drives are prone to data loss, data corruption and even failure under conditions of excessive vibration, dust and other elements often found in commercial vehicles.

High capacity storage is not the only outstanding feature, it has High Definition recording capability in 4 Channels mixing 1080P, 960P, 720P AHD & any Standard CVBS Video Cameras. The DVR1080P records continuously, and its “Pixel Recognition” technology enables the device to begin recording when there is an event or change in its immediate viewing range when parked. This “event” will be marked and not recorded over until it is reviewed and the GPS model records vehicle location(s) with Time and Date Stamp for archiving.

The exclusive allocation file system solves the file fragmentation and lost file issues found in other systems. For Fleet Operators employing a variety of vehicles our DVR1080P has variable operating Voltage from 8 – 36 Volts. Security is provided with a lockable door protecting the dual SD Cards. Super stable, Anti-shock, Aviation quality connectors plug in and screw tightly to ensure durability and easy installation. An additional model featuring 4G for remote real time monitoring will be available this Spring. The DVR1080P and 1080PGPS are available now, contact your Accele Sales Representative.

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