DS18 Shipping New Korean Half Bridge Amplifiers

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.11.2021) – The new DS18 Korean Half Bridge amplifiers are shipping with MORE power, MORE options and all coming on a smaller frame.

These new amps are designed for serious audiophiles that demand the most wattage for window breaking bass. These competition amps are designed to uphold the highest efficiency all while producing obscene amounts of pure power for subs in the SPL system.

The H-KO2 is a new offering from DS18 to push smaller subwoofers to the maximum all while using half-bridge Korean monoblock power. Korean amps are traditionally knows to be beefier and use the highest quality components compared to their Brazilian full-bride competitors.

Korean amps are known to have te highest signal to noise ratio of all amplifiers available and have prove through the ages to perform the best for SPL and loud bass in general.

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