MECA SQL Contests for Beginners

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN (02.10.2021) – MECA Commissioner Steve Stern has developed an updated, new and improved, Sound Quality contest for beginner consumers, with the help of our R&E Committee, Retailers, Manufacturers, Competitors, and Judges. This is part of the 2021 Sound Quality League Rule Book ( ) and intended to be stand alone contests, or included with regular MECA events. The SQ score sheet is used, just like all MECA SQL contests, so that the new people see exactly how the systems and music are evaluated.

This archive image shows a smiling competitor from Trinidad.

There are 2 classes that are simply defined by the speaker set-up: Street 1 is for 3-way systems, and Street 2 is for 4-way systems. There are some basic rules, but overall the competitors are given space for creativity and custom installs, that may have been built before they read the Rule Book or before the new classes were introduced. Consumer beginners only, so no pros or experienced competitors of any sort are permitted. The Retail Members who choose to use this promotional program will be responsible for making sure the competitors fit the profile, and are brand new to our sport. These 2 classes are State Champion eligible, but are not offered at the MECA World Finals Soundfest.

This archive image highlights a classic creation from World Champion Steve Cook-Audio X.

The events are clinics and contests designed to educate about MECA’s judging and scoring, focused on the quality of the music reproduction: clarity, resolution, imaging, and tonality being the most important criteria. It’s like Music Appreciation, but more technical with regard to recordings that are official SQL Judge tracks, listed in the Rule Book.

For the month of February, MECA is offering 1 FREE event for all Retailers, even non-MECA members, which includes clinic direction and a Judge. The event can be scheduled for later in the year, but it must be scheduled by March 1st. Score sheets will be provided at no charge. These events are designed to last 3 -4 hours, depending on the participation and agenda. A retailer could work a good plan with 6 -8 customers engaged in an event like this. Saturday’s might work best, although Friday evening get-togethers work when set up right, and Sunday’s are always an option for businesses that are comfortable with that. After the 1st event, additional events are only $50 for MECA Retail Members ( $75/year ), with a limit of 3 events in 2021.

The MECA Tantric Tuning CD is the classic official test source for the SQ League

MECA is pro-active, with 22 years evolving and promoting the Sound Quality League contests. We have some of the best judges and resource people in the mobile electronics industry who are willing to share their knowledge and abilities. These events are prime opportunities for Retailers to showcase their products and services.

Click here to view the 2021 SQL Amateur Rule Book PDF

Six Manufacturer Members have stepped up to co-sponsor this program: Arc Audio, JL Audio, Linear Power, Stereo Integrity, TRU Technology, and XS Power. Their contributions will help with logistics and paying the judges, travel and expenses. They will be sharing and endorsing the program with their Retailers.
Contact the Commissioner for more info, to schedule an event, or with questions and concerns: or 615-851-7428.

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