AAMP Global is the First Manufacturer to Join The Industry School

LONG BEACH, CA (02.05.2021) – The Industry School announced that AAMP Global, headquartered in Clearwater, FL, will be the first major supplier to host its training and education with The Industry School. AAMP will join The Industry School as a Premier Partner and offer training courses for the mobile electronics industry across six branded training rooms.

AAMP will open four training rooms dedicated to its four major brands: PAC, Stinger, Phoenix Gold and EchoMaster. A fifth training room will focus on different technology solutions, while the sixth is reserved for private retail training. In addition, AAMP will host its Zoom training within The Industry School platform.

“Training has been a cornerstone of our existence since AAMP was founded,” said Jeff Smith, director of training and events for AAMP. “Today we conduct training on multiple levels, from trade shows to product videos, from individual retailers to big-box chains. In researching different LMS (Learning Management System) solutions, we found that The Industry School represents the perfect balance of next-generation learning with a framework built specifically for our industry. We are excited to launch this partnership to showcase our new technology and be an integral part of evolving education in our industry.”

The Industry School is the first industrywide e-learning platform dedicated to the mobile electronics industry. Its objective is to be an always-available training destination for retail, sales and installation professionals. In addition, it will serve as a peer-based educational hub in which users can interact and share information.

“We are excited to welcome AAMP as the first partner in our efforts to create a home for training and education in our industry,” said Solomon Daniels, director of operations for The Industry School. “AAMP’s success is due in no small part to its prioritization of training, and we are committed to expanding on that initiative for AAMP and its retail dealers.”

AAMP plans to open its training rooms in time for The Industry School’s opening date of March 1. The Industry School is currently conducting one-on-one and weekly virtual tours for industry manufacturers via Zoom.

To schedule a tour, contact Kerry Moyer at (910) 216-0664 or kerry@theindustryschool.com.