Mobile Solutions Introduces Magnet Fitment System

TEMPE, AZ (02.03.2021) – Mobile Solutions announces its latest product release: the Magnet Fitment System. It’s a complete, solution-driven kit that aids fabricators in the use and installation of round neodymium magnets in place of traditional door or trim panel clips. “It’s the only kit of its kind” says company founder and president, Bryan Schmitt. He says that using this kit virtually eliminates difficulties commonly experienced when implementing these small, powerful magnets into custom interior and audio system builds.

“The problem when using neodymium magnets for panel attachments is common size drill bits are not precision-sized for a secure press fit and leave an angled bottom of the drilled hole” explains Schmitt. This means the mounting hole (also called the “pocket hole”) ends up larger than round magnet’s outer diameter and without a flat countersink at the bottom of the hole. “A precision, tight fit is critical because of the force of attraction between these magnets” continues Schmitt. In addition, because magnets require a specific polarity orientation to attract to one another (rather than oppose), positioning the magnets with a backward polarity orientation is a common mistake. The Mobile Solutions Magnet Fitment System solves all these problems with a solution-driven approach.

Custom CNC-machined Magnet Match countersink bits that are precision-sized for a secure press fit of MS neodymium magnets. This means precision mechanical fitment for most materials with a flat bottom surface. Smart Mag Alignment Plates assist with the magnet installation process.  These are machined out of 1/2” acrylic with corresponding flush-mounted magnets to ensure North and South polarity orientations are always correct.

Using the Magnet Fitment System is very easy. “It’s as simple as drilling a pilot hole through both surfaces (fixed surface and removable panel), countersinking the magnet pocket hole, embedding the magnet with correct polarity orientation and you’re done” explains Schmitt.

List price for the Magnet Fitment System is $299.99. For a short time the introductory pricing is just $249.99.

For more information on the Magnet Fitment System and view the How To video, visit