SoundShield Welcomes CE Guys Rep Firm

ANCHORAGE, AK (02.02.2021) – SoundShield, the premium sound deadening brand launched in 2019 by 12 volt industry veterans John Schwartz and Bryan Schmitt, recently welcomed CE Guys as their newest rep firm. CE Guys is representing the brand in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Hawaii.

CE Guys CEO Michael Foundation pictured with a selection of SoundShield products in the FDI and rep firm’s Chicago HQ.

“We are very pleased to welcome CE Guys as our newest rep firm, along with their distribution company, FDI, that will stock SoundShield,” commented John Schwartz. The fact that the CE Guys are essentially stocking reps via their distribution company mean that SoundShield availability in all of those states represented is just a one or two day shipment time in most cases.

Michael Foundation, CEO of CE Guys said, “We absolutely love the love and enthusiasm that John and Bryan have put into every detail of the product, from packaging to point-of-sale displays. These two guys are well-respected in the industry and that carries a lot of weight with dealers. We feel comfortable that we are selling the best Sound Deadening product on the market!”

For 2021, Foundation plans to position SoundShield as the go to sound deadening brand in all of their represented states. “There is zero reason to carry another brand. We have the service, product, and relationships to make this happen. SoundShield, CE GUYS, and FDI together is the winning trifecta to dominate in our markets,” commented Foundation.

One of the advantages Schwartz noted in choosing to go with CE Guys is that they are known as the #1 powersports / motorcycle rep firm in the country. They have a long-standing background and experience in car audio, though. In addition to traditional car audio, motorcycles and powersports, CE Guys also services RV and marine sales channels. “This means we have a great opportunity for brand exposure in different retailer categories and for shops that may be unfamiliar with the category of sound deadening, acoustic treatments and road noise control,” added Schwartz.

To learn more about SoundShield, request a dealer application from To learn more about CE Guys and their company, visit