Alpine Electronics Introduces a New Digital Sound Processor

AUBURN HILLS, MI (01.26.2021) – Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. introduces the newest 12-Channel Advanced Wireless Digital Sound Processor (DSP) to their lineup with the PXE-0850X. This solution replaces the PXE-0850S with the next generation of upgraded technology that allows integration into factory systems.

“As factory systems continue to advance, Alpine provides solutions that will not only integrate into a factory system but help the discerning audio consumer build their ideal sound system,” said Mike Anderson, Vice President and General Manager, Brand Business Unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.

OEM Integration
The PXE-0850X has 6 low and/or high-level inputs that can be mixed to create a full range signal that sends up to 12 independent channels for versatility in OEM and aftermarket system building. Eight of the 12 channels can utilize 25W of powered output to allow even more flexibility.

New and improved software matches the user interface (UI) of the PXE-X09 (introduced in 2020) and provides a cleaner layout that simplifies the mixer and tuning flow.

Tuning Tools
The processor can be tuned with the 31 Band Parametric or Graphic EQ for precise adjustments. Detailed high/low crossovers and expansive time correction can be made to each of the 12 channels. This allows the tuner to overcome acoustical abnormalities in the vehicle and set a proper sound stage for premium sound performance.

Tuning can be done wirelessly via Bluetooth from a smartphone or through a wired USB connection with a PC. By downloading the free PXE-0850X DSP app (available on the App Store or Google Play™), customers can get real-time tuning results and compare them with the “Before” and “After” effect. Tuning files can be saved directly to a smartphone, hard drive, or thumb drive for storage and shared via text message or email.

Music on Command
Access to some of the DSP’s features is presented in the included LCD controller, which can be flush-mounted on the dash for easy access. The rotary knob can quickly adjust volume, preset storage and recall, subwoofer level, and source selection with results displayed on the LED screen.

The PXE-0850X can also be used as a head unit or music source in older vehicles. The PXE-0850X can receive music sent directly from a smartphone with Bluetooth wireless streaming, so customers can listen to their playlists without replacing the factory head unit or adding an aftermarket head unit.

The PXE-0850X will ship in March 2021 at a MAP of $699.95 and will be available at Alpine Authorized retailers and Preferred Online Stores. Installation options can be found on the Alpine-USA website through the store locator.

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